Harmful Effects of Synthetic Vitamins

Vitamins are often used to help people meet their daily nutritional levels or to help maintain health and keep illness away.

When you’re looking to buy vitamins, for anything from heart health to prenatal care, there are several factors to consider.

Natural vitamins are made from taking natural, quality foods, freeze-drying them and then making a capsule.

This high-heat process tends to destroy the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables used to make vitamins so the beneficial properties must be replaced.

Unfortunately, like certain foods, finding authentic vitamins can be tricky. To meet customer demands and ease costs, there are synthetic vitamins on the market.

Some of these are sold alongside their natural counterparts to unsuspecting consumers. Knowing the difference between natural supplements and synthetic vitamins can help you stay healthy and avoid adverse effects.

Synthetic Vitamins Can Cause Eye Problems

Whether or not you’re taking supplements that promote vision health or not, your eyes will likely be affected.

One sign that you can check without a doctor is the color of your eyes.

If the areas that are normally white have any yellow tint, stop taking the vitamins and reach out for medical care. You might also suffer from pain or double-vision.


Taking synthetic vitamins can increase your risk of cancer. Vitamin E, in particular, is circulating on the market despite being linked to causing cancer.

The cost associated with true supplements is higher and sometimes manufacturers try to avoid this.

The result is products that cause cell damage and cancer growth.

Digestive Issues

Some vitamins are taken for a specific health benefit. Vitamin Y, for example, is used to promote better digestion.

However, once taken, the chemicals in it will interact with other natural compounds. This can cause vomiting, nausea or general discomfort in the stomach.

Liver Damage

Vitamin A is one of the more common synthetic vitamins on the market. It is also known as vitamin A palmitate and can lead to extensive liver damage.


Taking a combination of synthetic vitamins can cancel out any of their intended nutritional value. You may take one for thicker hair, but another vitamin could trigger hair loss.

Unknown Effects

One of the biggest dangers of synthetic vitamins is that you won’t know what adverse side effects taking them will cause until after you ingest them.

The combination of chemicals could cause anything from eye muscle strain to birth defects. These effects could be immediate or develop over time.


Staying healthy is a common goal shared by many people. Dieting and exercise are two areas of life that are typically strengthened by vitamins.

Taking chemically modified vitamins that contain synthetic compounds can result in devastating consequences.

Before buying, it is better to research the ingredients used in the product.

Though the labels might say the product is comprised of real or natural foods, you may still see a combination of unnatural properties.

The synthetic ingredients found in vitamins are often rejected by our bodies as toxic, and we must be cautious when using them.

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