Privacy Policy

Welcome to Find the Cure in Nature! Nothing is more important to internet users than their online privacy. Such privacy is equally important to those that visit this site. Without a doubt, it is our commitment to be certain that your safety and privacy is held to the highest regard as you use this website. Within our privacy policy, you will find a detailed outline as to the types of information that may be gathered and used by our website.

Personally Identifiable Information

This can include any information that may possibly be used to locate, identify, or contact users. This may include (but not limited to) data such as names, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, social security numbers, credit card information, debit card information, or other various forms of financial information. This term, “personally identifiable information” will not include other types of information, such as any information that cannot identify a user.

What Personally Identifiable Information is Collected?

The following list includes the type of information that may be collected by Find the Cure in Nature (FTCIN):

  • Information that you may fill out to complete any of the various forms that are on our website, such as registration information, newsletters, email newsletters, or other possible service requests.
  • Any information that you may disclose as you report a problem that you have found within the site. This can include anything from names to email addresses.
  • Any type of correspondence between Find the Cure in Nature and you may be kept on file for future referral.

Uses Made of the Information

The following are ways that information about you (Personally Identifiable Information) that is gathered may be used:

  • To provide additional information on any requests that you have made from the site.
  • To give legitimate business information in the event that you have asked for such information.
  • To supply content that is relevant for any request made by you. Such content needs to be relevant for your device.
  • Different types of marketing.
  • Service participation.
  • Keeping users such as yourself updated with any changes that we may choose to make within our site or the way that our site operates.

Rest assured that none of your information shall be used or given to third-party applications unless you have been given consent to do so. 

How Do We Protect Your Information?

All information that we collect is kept secure within a safe network. Such a network is accessible by very few individuals. These individuals have the credentials necessary to work on the system. These people understand that they are not allowed to use or give out any information that they have access to.

Also, keep in mind that any information that you may enter into the website is very well encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Certain practices are not employed by Find the Cure in Nature: PCI scanning standards, or requesting of credit card numbers, scans involving vulnerability, or malware scanning.


There are some activities that will prompt you to allow the saving of cookies. Such activities could include things such as comment posting. This will allow us to have access to your name or email more quickly the next time that you log onto the website. This is solely for your convenience, and this information will only be kept on file for one year.

Upon setting up an account, this website will set a cookie that will figure out if your browser allows the use of cookies. This cookie will not save any information, as its sole purpose is to identify whether or not your browser is set up to accept cookies, to begin with.

If you choose to save your login information, then there will be several different cookies that will be activated so that your information will automatically show up the next time that you come to the website. These cookies with their added information will only be saved for two days, unless you choose the “remember me” option, in which the information will be kept on file for two weeks. Cookies that are set up to configure your screen preferences will remain on file for one year.

If you choose to edit any article or add an article to the website, you will activate a cookie that will be saved to your browser. This cookie will only include information regarding the article that you chose to work with. Cookies such as these will expire after one day.

Email Marketing

MailChimp will be the service that will send out any newsletters that you may subscribe to in the event that you receive an email from the website. This service is a third-party service that we use to send out our newsletters. When you sign up for the newsletter, you are giving consent for MailChimp to get your information. This is the only third-party company that will receive your information that comes from our site.

Any email address or information that a user submits will not be kept on our servers; however, this information will be kept by MailChimp. This service will keep your information for as long as you choose to do business with our company.

You can choose to end your newsletter subscription at any time. If you want to cancel your subscription, you will need to click the necessary link within the email that you have received. Alternatively, you may cancel your subscription by sending in a request after clicking the “Contact Us” link and filling out the necessary form.


There are links to other websites that are found within the Find the Cure in Nature website. These links can include research, affiliates, or other resources. These other websites may have privacy policies that are different from the ones within this website. Please become familiar with these other privacy policies before entering those sites or giving out personal information to them.

Contact Form

Information that you enter, whenever you choose to fill out the contact form, will not be used for marketing purposes and will not be stored inside our system.


There will be advertising from third-party companies within Find the Cure in Nature. Google and other companies are used to place advertisements that will be found as unique to you as you work within our website. You can disable these advertisements if you choose to use cookies.

In the event that Google tracks your usage with cookies, it is included within Google’s privacy policies which will be different than the ones on this website. There are other policies that you may wish to read up on such as those found on and

Disclosure of Your Information

Personal information may be given to third-party companies in the event that our company buys or sells business-related assets. If your personal information is given out, it may be due to the fact that we are required to do so via a legal obligation.

By following our Terms of Use, we may also have to give out various personal information. Information may also be given out in order to protect our employees or other people that use the website. Such information could be used in order to protect others from fraud.

Your Rights

By becoming a FTCIN user, you have the right to decide how information will be gathered about you.

You will be notified ahead of time if your personal information will be used for marketing purposes other than what is already stated in this privacy policy. However, you can request that we not use your personal information at any time by emailing us at

As already stated, other websites that are linked from within our website may have different Privacy Policies than those that we use. In the event that this occurs, please understand that they may use personal information differently. Once you click on these links, you accept their policies and we are not responsible for any liability that may occur once these links are clicked.

If you choose to accept emails from us and decide that you no longer wish to receive these communications, feel free to opt out of them, following the instructions at the bottom of the emails. Or, you can opt out by visiting the “Contact Us” page within the website.

You have every right to receive a copy of all of the personal information that we have received from you. You can receive this information, or correct any information that you have found that is incorrect by contacting us at

You can also request that we delete your information from this site at any time. We will agree to this unless we are bound to maintain certain information by law.

Your Posts

Any post made within a public place is not, and will not be viewed as private information. Please keep all private information away from such public areas. Once information is posted in a public place, we are no longer held responsible for such information.


Everything that is found on is considered to be “as is”. We do not warrant the outcomes, trustworthiness, or correctness of the information on this site or any content that is found on a different website that is visited by following a link from our website.

Please read our Full Declaimer.

Limitations and its affiliates surrender all liabilities of any damages that may result from someone’s use or inability to use this site is all aspects.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

At any time, we reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy. If we choose to make any changes, we will notify all of our users by way of email. However, the onus is on you to keep checking this page for future updates.