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The Journey started 20 years Ago...

I was in a village in Bolivia huffing and puffing as these Ketchua locals were treating me with some (very bitter) matcha tea for a rash I’d developed.  They had no Western medicine within 500 miles and yet the old “pachamama” seemed to have a cure for everything.  That opened my eyes to what Mother Nature has laid in front of us for thousands of years… I started religiously reading everything I could about a more natural approach to life.  I’m now honored to share this journey with you!

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Alkaline Diet Review

An alkaline diet is where individuals replace acid-producing foods with more alkaline foods for better overall health. Being that this type of diet can aid

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Natural Cures for Heartburn

The most common drugs used to treat heartburn—proton pump inhibitors—can damage the body, weakening the bones and the immune system. Bill Gottlieb … source

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