10 Foods You Should Never Eat

With the rising debate of GMOs, voluntary dietary restrictions and the continued pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, food choices are in the spotlight. Whether for dieting or general health, choosing what to eat can be very difficult. Despite the fact that there are several foods that are really good for you, there are some foods that really don’t help your body. There are tons of chemicals and other dangerous ingredients put into them. Below are 10 foods that you should never eat.

  1. Farmed Fish

Fish is supposed to be one of the more natural food options. However, when it comes to farmed fish, it’s better to skip it altogether. Farmed fish do not offer the same benefits as naturally sourced fish. Some of the fish, like Atlantic salmon, are treated with pesticides that have already been banned for their high toxicity levels.

  • Canned Foods

Canned foods are popular because they are convenient. But the price of that convenience is damaging to your health. One of the most dangerous aspects of canned foods is the high level of BPA (bisphenol A). This is generally what gives canned food that fresh taste. But in our bodies, it mimics estrogen and causes multiple changes. For example, BPA can cause changes in breast tissue as well as irritable mood shifts.

  • Microwave Popcorn

A staple snack for a movie night or something between meals, microwave popcorn is not the healthy food it’s sold as. The fake butter flavor is achieved through the use of the chemical diacetyl. The sticky grease (perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate) that coats the bags have also been linked to causing cancer.

  • Factory-Farmed Meat

Factory-farmed meat might give you the taste of the meat but it will also put chemical pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones into your body. Unfortunately, farmed meats also contain banned antibiotics as well as arsenic levels toxic to humans. If you can, find a local farmer or rancher to get your meat without the chemical additives.

  • Artificial Sweeteners

Natural sugars sometimes get a bad reputation because of their harmful effects on the body. Artificial sweeteners, however, tend to be far worse. These products have been connected with the following conditions: brain tumors, seizures, weight gain, allergies, headaches, hypertension and multiple forms of cancer. There is also new research indicating that these could even cause diabetes.

  • Fat-Free and Low-Fat Milk

People try to cut calories anywhere they can and opting for fat-free or low-fat milk is one manner to do so. However, low and fat-free milk are usually packed with extra sugar, which adds its own detrimental effects. Despite the supposed benefits of a lower fat content, fat-free and low-fat milk can even lead to diabetes and heart disease.

  • Sugar Alcohols

Products that are marked sugar-free, including baked goods and gum, are just a few places where you can find sugar alcohols. You’ll usually see the word xylitol on the packaging as an indicator. They come from chemical processing of certain foods like corn. Some of the negative effects of sugar alcohol are bloating, rashes, gas, headaches and sometimes, even allergic reactions.

  • GMOs

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a controversial topic. While they do help with the amount of food available, there are major questions about the quality of it. One of the major problems with GMOs is that the foods that go into them are treated with harmful chemicals and toxic additives. GM foods can leave materials behind inside us, toxically affecting several organs and systems.

  • MSG

Most people think MSG is a flavor but that’s not what monosodium glutamate (MSG) is. MSG is a trigger that tells your taste buds to read a flavor more intense. Following the overexcitement of your mouth, the residual effects of MSG include brain damage, headaches, nausea, and wheezing. You’ll want to check the labels on your food before ingesting them to make sure there isn’t any MSG.

  1. Non-Dairy Creamers

Coffee has its own benefits without any additions. But some people add various syrups and flavors to their brew. One of the most common additives is creamer. Non-dairy creamers are packed with chemicals to mimic natural creams but carry much worse effects. Often times, there are ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup, that are used despite causing liver-damage.

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