4 Types of Simple Breath Meditations: Following it Can Never Steer You Wrong

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We don’t think about it but it’s always there. Our breath. As long as we are Alive we are breathing. But as one of our bodies amazing automatic functions, we don’t appreciate its healing properties enough.

One of my yoga teachers wisely said something like “if you follow your breath it will never steer you wrong”. The breath is always there for you. And by following it it becomes a wise guide leading you back to your soul self. 

There are lots of types of breathing exercises, all of which have healing properties and usefulness. 

Pranayama Breath

Meditative breath -following the breath is one of the most basic mediation techniques and still one of the best. I like to say So Ham as I breath to get into the meditative state.

Dispensza Breath

The “Dispensza Breath” is to awaken the pineal gland he does a breath like a straw that goes up the “locks” of your chakras and pushes into your head at the end of the inhalation, targeting the pineal gland. It can be challenging but I do think it activates this mysterious gland that is said to have small crystals that when activated with breath can help to a swift awakening

Ujaii breath

Tool of yoga. Breathe in your nose with a slight constriction of the throat to make your breath sound like waves of a ocean. When done with yoga it heats up the body and focuses the mind of the movements. It Helps to make yoga more like a moving meditation while being so mindful of the breath. 

Breath of Fire

Some yogi’s like Sadie Nardini encourage using the breath of fire during yoga to heat you up and get the blood moving. Starting each movement with the breath that moves up from the lower abdomen and provides the fuel for your movements. 

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