6 Holistic Allergy Remedies for Quick Relief

When our bodies ache or we feel pain, and we want to get relief as quickly as possible. Whether through sleep or medicine, we want the symptoms to disappear. Allergies can be especially annoying or even life-threatening. Sneezing and watery eyes can be embarrassing and make it hard to function while eating the wrong food could cause serious breathing or skin issues.

Conventional medicines can be effective but alternative and more natural remedies are available, too. Here are six holistic allergy remedies that are both effective and offer quick relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most popular alternative ingredients is apple cider vinegar. It has a host of uses outside of just being a cooking ingredient. It has been used to help with weight loss but can also aid you in the middle of an allergy attack. Before the symptoms get out of hand, you can use it as a nasal flush. To really get long-lasting benefits from apple cider vinegar, you’ll want to have it available and use it consistently so your body builds up its defenses against your triggers.

Raw Honey

The benefits of honey have long been praised. Honey has many properties that help your immune system fight anything that attacks your body. You can use honey to not only soothe your throat but it provides other relief, too. A small amount of raw, pure honey each day can help condition your body to be more tolerant of the allergens.

Ingest about a tablespoon of raw honey, locally sourced if possible, until you find that your symptoms aren’t as severe. If this is too sweet of a remedy, you can also add it to fresh lemon tea.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Indian frankincense has been used for treatments over many years and is well-regarded in the scientific community. For allergies, this is a superb option when it comes to long-lasting and quick relief. Add frankincense oil to your daily supplement routine or place small amounts on your chest or behind your ears throughout the day to get the most benefits.


While it may seem like something you’ve never heard about, you’ve certainly ingested quercetin. This is one of the many properties found in citrus fruits and even green tea that can naturally aid in controlling your allergy symptoms. Eating a fruit or vegetable with quercetin can help calm the inflammation and hyperactivity in your airways during an asthmatic attack.


The powers of this traditionally Indian spice are numerous. You can use it to treat topical ailments like bleeding gums or internal conditions. The curcumin found within the turmeric works as a decongestant. This helps break up any mucus blockage and increases your ability to breathe. It reduces other allergy symptoms like healing any respiratory damage caused by coughing or inflammation of your airways.

Adding this spice into your regular meals will also help prevent your allergic reactions from being triggered. It can also help boost your immune system against the developments of colds.


One of the most painful conditions of having an allergy attack is the painful inflammation in your throat or sinus passages. Bromelain can reduce the pain caused by increased levels of histamine in your system. The discomfort that comes from allergies can benefit from introducing bromelain into your body. You can find this enzyme in pineapples, either in the juice of the fruit or even in the stems.

In the middle of an allergy attack, relief is the only thing on your mind. But navigating the various options can make choosing one difficult. There’s also a different amount of time before you can feel relief. Choosing natural alternatives to traditional medicines can get you quick relief. By using simple home ingredients that are readily available, you can get relief without putting toxic ingredients in your body.

Other ways to help get you quick relief from your allergies is to maintain a clean and allergen-free environment. Don’t let dust or pet dander build up by cleaning and vacuuming regularly and possibly investing in an air filtration system. When you’re cleaning, open the windows in order to let the dust out while also introducing newer, fresher air into your home.

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