9 Common Lies About Weight Loss

There are so many different tips and tricks for weight loss that it’s sometimes overwhelming. It’s hard to tell the fact from fiction. Your friends and family all swear they know the best ways to lose weight. Hundreds of magazines offer the same, sometimes totally wrong but sometimes helpful advice. Eventually, you’ll just have to find which techniques work best for you. Here are the nine most common lies about weight loss.

1. Don’t eat more than 1200 calories

It sounds pretty sensible. You want to weigh less, so eat less. However, everyone’s body is different and how many calories your body needs will be different from someone else. For whatever reason, 1200 has become the go-to number for how many calories you should have daily but it doesn’t really apply to everyone.

2. Drink a ton of water

The idea behind this is that if your stomach is full of water, you won’t feel a need to eat. This doesn’t work because your body will not retain the water. You’re just more likely to go to the bathroom more often than to curb your appetite. If you really want to feel full with less eating, choose foods that are high in both water and fiber.

3. Take various supplements

While taking vitamins can definitely help with your health, weight loss supplements cannot. Despite the fact that there is no hard science backing them, supplements get recommended time and again. It seems like a really easy way to get you closer to your goals but there are no magic pills for weight loss.

4. Try a popular diet fad

With the variety of dieting trends available, it’s easy to start to believe all the ads. However, just following a restricted-calorie diet or cutting out gluten won’t get rid of the extra weight. While you might get some other health benefits, you still need to make an overall lifestyle change if you want to not only lose the weight but keep it off, too. If you’re still wanting to try a diet program, make sure to research where and how you’ll get all the nutrients your body needs.

5. You can eat anything if you exercise

This is a pretty common and outrageous lie. Some people will assure you that you can eat anything you want so long as you hit the gym and burn it off. While exercise is definitely important, what you eat is also a crucial part of your weight loss routine.

6. Your health is determined by your size

A thin person is obviously healthy, while a larger person is not. While obesity is a marker for some health conditions, simply being thin does not give you a pass against disease. Despite outward appearances, your health is really determined by the things you can’t see. There is fat inside all types of bodies, no matter the size but what tends to matter is what type of fat and where it is.

7. Just skip meals

If you want to avoid putting any bad foods in your body, just don’t eat anything. Skipping meals is an extremely bad idea. You want to find the balance between nutrition and exercise. Simply not eating is not the way to do this. Skipping meals has harmful effects like fatigue, a drop in your blood sugar, loss of nutrients and incidentally, weight gain.

8. You won’t lose weight without cardio

When it comes to exercise, cardio is a great option because it will increase your blood flow and heart rate, which leads to fat burning. However, cardio alone isn’t the only way to lose weight nor should it be done alone. Strength training is also important because it will help build muscles and create a more toned look. It will also improve your bone strength and density.

9. Eating late at night cause weight gain

While late-night snacking doesn’t help, there really isn’t a correlation between when you eat and how much weight you gain. A greasy cheeseburger at 3 in the afternoon is going to have the same harmful effects as it would at 3 in the morning. What’s really detrimental about late-night eating is not the time, but how much you eat. If you starve yourself during the day, there’s a bigger chance you’ll overeat during the night.

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