A Mediative Life – starting is the hardest part

At first, we think that meditation is something only monks can do. This is a complete falsehood. Anyone can do it! Starting is the hardest part. You will be surprised at how quickly the benefits come and how simple it is. If we go into it thinking it will be simple and useful then maybe more people would discover it for themselves. It is a practice full of bountiful gifts and it returns to you what you expect. So let’s start by expecting simple miracles. 

Meditation for Beginners

Some tips on how to start. 

KISS – simple is best when first starting. Just find a quiet place, get comfortable and become aware of your breath. At first take some deep clearing breaths and then settle into a comfortable breathing pattern. Focus on the gaps between breaths. 

Notice the thoughts as they come up. Don’t judge just notice. And then release them like a passing cloud. 

I found that meditating to the same 2 songs for 20 minutes when I got into a regular meditation routine at the beginning really helped me get into a relaxed state and access the higher frequency of meditation more easily. 

Let your body not your mind lead. Go into the sensations of the body. One of the primary advantages of meditation is being able to decipher what’s mind-self and what’s soul-self. The thoughts are mind, the sensations and buzzing are soul. As you lift your frequency with meditation this distinction becomes a felt-sense and you can consciously jump between the two throughout your day. Your soul-self becomes more available when you can sense the difference. This is incredibly useful and is essentially realizing the old age of know thyself.

Meditation let’s your soul-self feel safe and comfortable with emerging in your daily life. You have to create a safe container for it. And that means cleansing your body of negative thoughts and the messiness of your mind-junk and egoistic aspirations. That means getting still and noticing the junk is there in the first place.  

This doesn’t mean we don’t still have aspirations while doing this work, it just means that the aspirations change. We get addicted to the releasing of the negative karma and junk. We feel lighter and free and more “on purpose”. We sense our purpose because our intuition gets stronger, again because we feel safe again in our bodies. And this allows the higher frequency senses emerge. Get safe in your body! Feel the safety that only the soul-self can provide. Your soul is waiting for you to discover it! It has been waiting your entire life. Take time for your Self to emerge. Create the safe container that is your body in its truest, childlike state, which is one of trust, grace and play. Have fun with it. Smile into the revelations. You will not regret it! 

Meditation helps us remember to re-trust ourselves, like we did innately when we were children. Begin the search to rediscover that inner trust, and miracles will indeed happen!

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