Healthy Eating Habits to Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations

While there are many different opinions on vaccines, the reality is that many of these vaccines; effective or not, contain many harmful materials in them. Even vaccines such as your run-of-the-mill flu shot can contain heavy metals that then hang out in the body. To remove these heavy metals and prevent buildup of toxins in the body, it is important to follow a healthy eating plan in addition to a natural detox.

Continue reading to learn which healthy foods are the best for detoxifying your body of these harmful materials. You will also find a recipe for a quick and easy all-natural whole-body detox that will protect your body from these harmful components of vaccines.

Detox Veggies – Vegetables that are most effective in detoxing and healing the body of vaccinations include artichokes, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, brussels sprouts, kale, and wheatgrass. These vegetables contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help cleanse the body and eliminate waste and toxins.

Herbs and Spices– Many herbs and spices contain antioxidant properties that will cleanse your body of harmful toxins, whether as a by-product of vaccines or other sources. Some of the most effective herbs and spices to incorporate into your diet include garlic, parsley,  turmeric, ginger, cilantro, oregano, and cinnamon. Cilantro and Parsley are especially easy to incorporate into many dishes and are found to be extremely effective in removing heavy metals and toxins from the bloodstream.

Fruits for Detox – Effective fruits for detoxing include grapefruit and lemons.

Eliminate These Foods –There are some foods that inhibit the body’s ability to fight toxins and potentially increase the number of toxins and heavy metals in the body. Some of these items to be avoided include alcohol, caffeine, and excessive sugar.

Daily Detox

The best way to eliminate these harmful materials from your body for good is to incorporate detox into your daily routine. Below is a recipe for an effective detox recipe.


  • 1 gallon of distilled water
  • 1 cup of organic cranberry juice
  • 3 organic lemons
  • For flavor, liquid Stevia and/or a liquid cayenne

The Process:

Juice the three lemons and combine the juice with all other ingredients in a gallon-sized glass jar. Try to drink the whole gallon every day for 10 or more days in a row. These ingredients work together to cleanse the liver, kidneys, and circulatory system.

There are some vaccines that are difficult to avoid. However, no matter how you feel about vaccines, it is extremely important to include a detox in your diet any time you are vaccinated, and if possible, stay away from vaccines. This detox here is cheap, easy, safe, and extremely effective in removing harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Diuretic Foods to Help the Body Expel Unnecessary Fluids

When your body is retaining too much fluid, it can be uncomfortable, to say the least. It is important to expel this excess fluid as soon as possible to prevent further complications or issues, such as high blood pressure. While this might sound easier said than done, all you need is a little bit of help from some diuretics.

Below is a list of some of the most effective diuretic foods that will help flush out your system and get you back to a healthy amount of fluid.


Try adding some raw, grated beets to your salad or incorporate cooked beets into more of your dishes. Beets do contain a decent amount of sugar, so be sure not to overdo it.

Cranberry Juice

Not only does cranberry juice help to eliminate excess fluid, but it also helps flush out bacteria from your system. Do be sure that you get the natural, unsweetened cranberry juice to avoid excess sugar. Because it does have a unique flavor, feel free to mix it in with a different type of juice.

Lemon Juice

You can combine some lemon juice in with your cranberry juice, or even add a few slices of lemon to your water to gain the diuretic benefits of the citrus fruit.


This fruit helps promote regular bowel movements in addition to being an effective natural diuretic. Try munching on a pear every day for a nice healthy snack and to eliminate excess water.


Although asparagus does indeed make your urine smell a bit odd, it is also an effective diuretic. It is also effective in assisting the kidneys in their role of waste removal; this prevents kidney stones and buildup of toxins in the body.


The carotene in carrots helps put a little pep in the step of your metabolism, which in turn jump-starts other functions of the body, such as removing excess water.


Because it is mostly made up of water, celery helps to cleanse the entire body and eliminate excess fluid through urination. Try to munch on some raw celery sticks for a healthy snack.


Another veggie that is very high in its water content, cucumber is an effective natural diuretic. In addition, it contains many antioxidants that help support the overall health of the body.


Spinach and other leafy green vegetables are not only rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, but also promote frequent urination, and thus the expulsion of excess fluid.

Brussel Sprouts

While difficult to swallow for some, Brussel sprouts truly are an effective natural diuretic, in addition to being rich in vitamins and nutrients. Try tossing them in some olive oil and garlic pepper to improve the flavor.


There are many teas that are especially effective diuretics. Some of these teas include green, nettle, dandelion, and lemon teas.


Some of the most effective diuretic herbs include garlic, onions, cilantro, leeks, parsley, and fennel. Most of these herbs can easily be incorporated into many dishes.

All of these items will help to eliminate excess fluid from the body. Try a combination of various items from this list to reduce excess fluid retention and bloating.

Why Soy is NOT a Smart Move for Your Health

When individuals become more conscious of their health and work to improve their eating habits, they turn to replacing meat and eggs with tofu. The manufacturers of these soy products would lead you to believe that this is a good move to improve overall health, but the reality is that processed soy (including tofu) is by no means a health food. A better choice would be to switch to grass-fed meats, organic eggs, and organic raw dairy products.

How Does Soy Become Dangerous?

The technology used today to process soy fail to remove the anti-nutrients and toxins that occur naturally in soybeans, and leave poisonous residue created by high temperatures, high pressure, acid and alkali baths, and petroleum solvents. Soy products that are fractionated, like soy protein isolate and hydrolyzed plant protein, contain phytates that block minerals from being absorbed, and trypsin inhibitors that disallow proper digestion. Tofu is a step up from these products, but it still has the anti-nutrients as previously mentioned.

Problems Linked to Soy

High soy diets have been linked to a number of health problems. Among those linked are: cancer, brain damage, soy allergies, reproductive disorders, premature puberty, and thyroid problems which has a host of problems all of its own.

Studies regarding soy have found that it does not lower cholesterol on a reliable level, raises homocysteine levels in many individuals, which has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and birth defects.

Those particularly affected by soy’s negative effects are children and babies, still developing. The hormone-mimicking of soy has shown estrogen-imitating chemicals are more than 6 times higher in infants that consume soy formulas than in adults that consume foods rich in soy.

What Else?

Most soybeans are genetically modified, containing the highest levels of pesticides found on foods. They also contain hemagglutinins, these cause red blood cells to clump together. Though these are reduced during the processing, they are not completely eliminated.

Better Alternatives

If cutting soy completely out of a diet isn’t in the stars, there are ways to eat healthier versions of it. These versions are fermented and the anti-nutrients levels are reduced, while the beneficial properties are highlighted and become available. Tempeh is a fermented soybean cake that has a firm texture with a mushroom or nutty flavor. Miso is a fermented paste that is a bit salty with a buttery texture.

Soy sauce is traditionally made from fermented soybeans with salt and other enzymes but some manufacturers make theirs with a chemical process. Natto is fermented soybeans that have a sticky texture with a strong flavor that is similar to cheese. This has the highest source of the k2 vitamin of any food on the planet along with a powerful but beneficial bacteria.


It is important to remember that not all processed soy products are healthy foods, and it would be wise to avoid all types of soy that are considered damaging. The basics of healthy eating apply to soy as well. Stick with unprocessed, fermented, and fresh.

Listed Among the Biggest Cancer Causing Foods (Are You Eating it?)

Hot dogs. Almost everybody loves them, and they’ve become an affectionate part of days at the lake, barbeques, and many holidays. Unfortunately, hot dogs have been identified as one of the food items that is most likely to cause cancer. Once you learn more about how hot dogs are made and the damage they could be doing to your body, you will find it quite easy to give up this treat for good.

It’s not exactly a secret that hot dogs are a combination of leftover meat parts shoved into a plastic edible casing. These “parts” can include pork, beef, or chicken, and are usually whatever is left after slaughter (e.g. feet, heads, skin, tissue). Once ground into a paste and combined, this meat mixture is then injected with salt, nitrates, MSG, corn syrup, flavorings, and numerous chemicals.

One of the flavorings often used is made of carmine, a dye that is created by boiling the shells of certain beetles in ammonia or sodium carbonate. Even organic hot dogs are not free from harmful ingredients, and many contain the same amount of nitrates (or more) as normal hot dogs.

With these harmful ingredients, it is no surprise that hot dogs are bad for your health. Perhaps the single most dangerous ingredient found in hot dogs is the nitrates (and nitrites).  When these items are heated, they form nitrosamines, which have specifically been linked to cancer. In particular, nitrosamines have been fingered as a possible culprit for colon, bladder, pancreatic, and stomach cancers.

In fact, the American Institute for Cancer Research has found that if you eat one hot dog every day, you increase your chances of getting colorectal cancer by 21%. One study by the University of Hawaii linked processed meats, including hot dogs, to a 67% increased risk of contracting pancreatic cancer. This is especially scary considering how deadly pancreatic cancer is, even more so than any other type of cancer.

Hot dogs are devoid of almost any beneficial nutrients, and your body certainly will not be disappointed if you give them up for good. Being high in calories and cancer-causing ingredients, hot dogs provide the body with zero benefits. If there is one food that you cut out of your life for good, make it the much-beloved hot dog.

7 Warning Signs the Body has a Buildup of Toxins

Our bodies have a unique way of communicating with us. When something is wrong, our body will tell us in one way or another; whether we drank too much caffeine or had too much sugar, you will know it. In the same way, our bodies can tell us when we are overloaded with toxins and something needs to be done about it. The problem, however, is that many of us either ignore our bodies completely, or simply don’t know how to listen. Below are some of the most obvious signs that your body has too many toxins and it is trying to warn you.

  • Lack of Energy

If you’ve been feeling lethargic, it is very likely that your body is inundated with toxins. When the body has too much waste and harmful items inside, it will require more energy to complete everyday tasks, and thus result in a regular lack of energy. Try a full-body cleanse to put that pep back in your step.

  • Insomnia/Poor Sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia, it is very possible that you have a build-up of toxins in your liver, most likely excess estrogen. Look into a liver cleanse if you are being affected by sleep problems.

  • Colored Tongue (yellow or white)

The tongue paints a great picture of what’s going on inside the body. An abundance of toxins within the body will disrupt the mucus of the digestive system, which will be reflected on the tongue. If your tongue has a white or yellow film, your body is likely asking for a cleanse.

  • Headaches

A headache now and then may simply be a result of too much (or too little) sugar or caffeine, or it may even simply be a sign of dehydration. However, if you seem to be suffering from headaches on a regular basis, you may need to look at what’s inside your body to solve the problem. If your body is holding onto toxins or irritants, this can affect the central nervous system and thus result in headaches. Again, try a full-body cleanse to remedy this and eliminate the toxins from your body.

  • Feeling Hot

If you seem to be suffering from hot flashes and are nowhere near menopause (or male nonetheless), your body is probably attempting to rid itself of excess toxins. Most likely, your body is attempting to sweat out the excess toxins, but it probably needs some help.

  • Skin Problems

Your skin is just another avenue for your body to remove excess toxins. If you notice arbitrary skin rashes or other skin conditions, your body may very well be having difficulty eliminating toxins from the body, and thus is recruiting your skin to help. Not only is this undesirable for the sake of personal appearance, but it is also a sign that your body needs some major help.

  • Belly Fat

An increase in belly fat may be a sign that your body is holding onto excess toxins and storing them in the fat of the stomach. You will need to utilize a good body flush to remove these toxins.

If you are experiencing any, or a combination, of these signs, your body may very well be asking you for some help in flushing out toxins. Seek out a healthy, well-vetted body cleanse to flush these toxins from your body.

Chicken Meat Contains Arsenic, Admits the FDA

It has been years now of this issue being pushed aside, hoping to be forgotten, but the FDA now admits that chicken meat that is sold in the United States does contain arsenic. Arsenic is a toxic chemical that causes cancer and is fatal in high doses. While the admittance of the presence of arsenic might not be surprising, what does come as a shock is that it is actually purposely added to the chicken feed.

Research done by the FDA reveals that the arsenic added into the chicken feed does end up in the meat, which is then consumed by humans. This has been happening over the last 60 years.

Up until the new study, both the FDA and those responsible in the poultry industry have denied the existence of arsenic in chicken meat from the food. For the last 60 years, the excuse has been that the arsenic is found from the excretion of chicken feces. This has no scientific backing and is just what the poultry industry has been sharing.

The evidence is indisputable that the maker of the feed for the chicken, Roxarsone, has made the decision to pull the product from the shelves. Many would wonder who the maker of the chicken feed with the arsenic is, and that would be Pfizer. This is the same company that makes the vaccines comprised of chemical adjuvants that are inserted into kids.

To be technical, the company that makes the Roxarsone feed is a subsidiary of the Pfizer name, known as Alpharma LLC. Alpharma has agreed to remove the toxic feed from store shelves in the United States; however, they have said that they will not necessarily take it from other countries unless it is forced upon them by regulators.

Even as the products are being pulled from shelves, the FDA continues to stand by the statement that the arsenic levels in the chicken are at such a menial level, it is still safe to consume. This stays their standpoint, even after expressing the fact that arsenic, is in fact, a carcinogen, meaning that it will increase the risk of cancer.

In agreement with the FDA is The National Chicken Council. In response to the word that the Roxarsone feed would be removed from feed stores, the Council stated that “Chicken is safe to eat” even after admitting that arsenic has been used in numerous flocks that are grown and sold as chicken meat in the U.S.

Interestingly enough, the FDA will tell consumers that it is perfectly safe to consume this arsenic that causes cancer, but it is very dangerous to drink elderberry juice. There was a recent raid of an elderberry juice company, accusing the manufacturer of selling unapproved drugs. The elderberry being the drugs.  Many other companies have been under fire for their herbal products, and especially raw milk. In essence, the Food and Drug Administration is saying that it is okay for us to consume arsenic, but absolutely unacceptable and dangerous to drink the juice of elderberry or consume raw milk.

5 Reasons Conventional Doctors Snub Alternative Medicine

Many conventional doctors discredit alternative medicine largely because they do not understand it. As such, these methods are not brought to the attention of patients. These are some very good reasons that there are so many misconceptions about alternative medicine.

  1. Departmentalized Teaching

Medical school students are taught that the body is not treated as one entire entity but each part is taught totally independent from the others. Attaching a label is much easier and then the patient will receive a prescription that addresses the specific issue rather than working with the doctor to understand a more complex reason as to why they might be sick. Billing for insurance and medical record-keeping requires doctors abide by the organ classification.

  • Discouraging Freethinking

Many times in medical school, students are encouraged to adopt the wisdom of their teacher and to approach their test by repeating what they have learned through textbooks. Numerous students do not practice freethinking, as they have been guided to follow the philosophy given to them from there authorities. This creates a cycle that is difficult to break, and even the mere thought of practicing in a way that is opposite to what they were taught brings on cognitive dissonance that makes the practice of alternative medicine impossible to even consider.

  • Economics

When entering the workforce from medical school, students will find themselves in a world that will financially reward them for interventions that treat symptoms. There is not a financial reward for them if they choose to take the time to correct nutritional deficiencies or prevent illness that could be causing the condition of the patient. Not only that, but at least 7 out of 10 people are on prescriptions and it’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry provides incentives for doctors to use their prescriptions.

  • Not Enough Time to Research

It’s an understatement to say that becoming a doctor is an incredible undertaking. The studying, testing, and working nonstop is quite a marathon and those who do finish the race do so through determination, and intelligence. Because of the high demands put on doctors by the never-ending cycle of people being sick or needing care, continuing education is limited and often only consists of events that are sponsored or put together by pharmaceutical companies. This limited professional growth ensures that doctors stay inside of the conventional system and does not allow them to expand their knowledge much into the realm of alternative medicine.

  • Nutrition as an Afterthought

Nutrition is often ignored because medical school focuses on teaching the small details of diagnosing and administering medicine due to the outstanding profitability of the system. It is said that doctors study nutrition for just a few days in the entirety of the degree that takes years to complete. More recently, conventional doctors are becoming aware of the importance of nutrition in relation to overall health, and patients have even started to question the relationship between their diagnosis and nutrition.


These are all legitimate reasons as to why conventional doctors do not entertain the idea of alternative medicine, and it makes a lot of sense. There is very little incentive to study outside of the realm that they know; however, some doctors do understand the limits of conventional medicine and are incorporating forms of alternative medicine into their practices.

Top 10 Cancer-Causing Items That We Use Everyday

Cancer has been on the rise for the past few decades, and it leads many of us to wonder why exactly. With nearly 1 in 3 people suffering from cancer at some point in their lives, it is well past time that we begin taking a deeper look at what may be causing this surge in cancer occurrences.

It is likely that members of the medical and pharmaceutical communities (those that reap the most monetary benefit from cancer) have long known some of the most common carcinogens that surround us, yet have refused to share this information.

Below you will find a list of ten everyday items that are known to cause cancer and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Hormones in Meat and Milk

Many animals from which we get our meat from are loaded with hormones to increase their growth rate and cut down on production time (i.e. make them mature faster than is natural, allowing them to be slaughtered earlier). Dairy cows are also laced with hormones to increase their milk production and thus improve profits.

Not only are these hormones detrimental to the health of these animals, but they are also detrimental to the health of humans, and are most likely a leading cause of the rise in cancer. Be sure to avoid any and all meat and dairy products that come from animals treated with hormones.

  • Radiation Everywhere!

Whether it’s from a mammogram, dental x-ray, or a scanner at the airport, this radiation can cause serious health side effects. Avoid these harmful rays as much as possible.

  • Aluminum in Deodorants

Not only is it believed that aluminum may contribute to Alzheimer’s, but it is also believed to increase your chances of falling victim to cancer. To lower your risk, opt for a deodorant that is homemade, organic, or at the very least, free of aluminum.

  • Cosmetics

Cosmetics in the United States contain a high amount of toxins and artificial ingredients, many of which have been banned in European countries. Coal tar and petroleum are two of the most common ingredients, but there are numerous more lurking in our foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, primer, and more. The skin, the largest organ of the body, absorbs all of these toxic ingredients, which often results in cancer.

  • Genetically Modified Soy and Corn

Almost all of the soy and corn products you buy in the grocery store have been genetically modified in one way or another. These GMOs are also being used in everything from bread to cereals and animal food. These unnatural ingredients wreak havoc on our bodies, throwing our hormones and immune systems out of whack. Studies have begun to show the correlation between cancer occurrence and GMOs, so avoid them at all costs.

  • Artificial Sweeteners

Another item that is not natural and our bodies simply can’t process correctly is artificial sugar. Sure, it may cut down on the calories in your coffee or lemonade, but if it’s going to give you cancer, is it really worth it? Fructose, aspartame, and caramel color are just a handful of these artificial sweeteners and have all been linked to cancer in one way or another.

  • Fluoridated Water

Nearly all cities add fluoride to the water that their inhabitants drink, and the supposed reason is to strengthen and protect the teeth of everyone. However, the high amount of fluoride that is being consumed is believed to weaken the immune system and contribute to cancer growth.

  • Vaccines and Drugs

Sure these vaccines drugs may be created to help people (supposedly), but often they contain unhealthy materials that can cause cancer. Try to avoid pharmaceutical options unless absolutely necessary.

  • Canned Items

BPA and MSG are two of the items that make most canned items so dangerous. Many of the containers are lined with BPA, which has been shown to alter brain cells in rats. MSG is often added to the item that’s being canned to maintain freshness and flavor, and it has also been linked to a rise in cancer.

  1. Commercial Hygiene Products

Most soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste that you find in the store are chock-full of artificial dyes, perfumes, animal products, and other harmful substances. Opt for organic or homemade options to lower your risk of cancer.


Cancer is a very scary disease and something that we all hope to avoid. Improve your chance of avoiding the killer and living a long, healthy life by avoiding these ten items discussed above. And don’t forget to share this knowledge with all of your loved ones!

Study Reveals These Mushrooms Can Reduce Breast Cancer by 64%

Mushrooms are an undiscovered goldmine when it comes to providing health benefits. Egyptians have used mushrooms for centuries to improve health overall, and studies are beginning to show a link between increased mushroom consumption and decreased breast cancer occurrences. Read on to learn about some of the exciting promises that mushrooms may hold, and which ones to use for the best results.

The What

In one recent study completed in Australia (University of Western Australia, Perth), scientists showed that those women in the study that ate at least ⅓ ounce of fresh mushrooms daily were 64% less likely to develop breast cancer. Although dried mushrooms do still provide some benefits, the most benefits were gained from eating the fresh options.

Even more exciting is the fact that women that ate mushrooms regularly and consumed green tea consistently (mostly one cup every day) saw an 89% reduction in their risk for breast cancer.

Why are Mushrooms so Effective?

So what is it about mushrooms that make them so effective in fighting cancer? Mushrooms are able to fight cancer particularly because they inhibit a particular enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme produces estrogen, which is often a factor in the development of breast cancer. Several varieties of mushrooms can effectively inhibit the production of this enzyme, which can then prevent overproduction of estrogen and an increased risk of breast cancer.

Mushrooms also prevent the growth of, and increase in cancerous cells because of the special lectins that they contain; these lectins are able to identify cancerous cells and attack them.

Which Mushrooms to Eat?

There are hundreds of different types of mushrooms that exist, and it is important to eat the right kinds for the most effective cancer prevention. Some of the most popular mushroom types that have promising anti-cancer properties include:

  • Button
  • White
  • Crimini
  • Shiitake
  • Oyster
  • Portobello
  • Maitake
  • Turkey tail
  • Reishi

All of these mushrooms contain crucial bioactive compounds that likely have potent cancer-fighting abilities. These mushrooms have also been studied for their effect on stomach, prostate, and colorectal cancers, in addition to breast cancer.

If mushrooms have the potential to decrease your risk of cancer, then there is no reason why you should not be adding them to your diet today. With the wide variety of mushrooms that are available and powerful in preventing cancer, you can enjoy different types prepared in different ways, and never get bored.

Try adding some mushrooms to your pasta, spaghetti sauce, pizzas, salads, and more. Even better, substitute a beef patty with a large mushroom such as portobello for double health benefits.

How to Differentiate Genuine Honey from the Fake One

Honey is a delicious natural sweetener, and it offers some amazing health benefits as well. However, you will be missing out on many of these benefits, and even potentially causing harm to your body, if the honey you are consuming is not genuinely pure honey. So how do you know if that jar of golden goodness is a fraud? Let’s look at some of the easiest ways you can test the authenticity of honey at home.

Check Your Labels Before Buying

First things first, always make sure you check the label of any honey prior to buying it. The FDA requires that manufacturers list exactly what is in food, and this means that any extras will be listed there. If you buy honey straight from a beekeeper, well then you can’t get a more raw quality of honey. If you’re buying it from a farmer’s market, then you may not be sure of where it actually comes from or how pure it is.

If you’re in one of the two boats where you may not have pure honey on your hands, you can get out of the sticky situation by conducting these at-home tests. Keep in mind that because there are many different types of pure honey, your results may not always be 100% conclusive. However, at the very least these tests will allow you to make an educated guess about what is or isn’t in your honey.

Below are four easy tests you can do at home:

Thumb Test

Giving new meaning to “the rule of thumb,” this test is quick, easy, and is pretty spot-on when identifying pure honey. Simply place a small drop of honey on your thumb; if it runs off your thumb or spreads around, then the honey you have is NOT pure. Pure honey will maintain its shape and location on your thumb.

Water Test

For this test, all you need to do is fill a glass with water and add 1 tablespoon into the water. Pure honey will settle straight to the bottom, while the artificial one will essentially dissolve into the water.

Flame Test

Because pure organic honey is flammable, this is an easy test to measure honey’s purity. Simply take a match (unlit), dip it into the honey, then strike the match; if it is pure honey that you have on the match, it will still light, but if you get nothing, then you know you have an adulterated form of honey.

Paper Towel Test

A fourth test you can administer requires you to drop a small amount on a paper towel. Pure honey will not be absorbed, and some versions that have been doctored up will either be absorbed or leave a wet mark.

Vinegar Essence

You can also use vinegar essence to test the purity of your honey at home. Simply add some water and about 2 or 3 drops of vinegar essence to your honey and mix together; if you get a foamy solution, then you have an imposter on your hands.

There are a few other tests that are talked about, but most of those have little support or have simply been debunked. Stick to one of these tried-and-true methods mentioned above to test the purity of your liquid gold, and you’ll have a good idea of what is actually in that golden bottle.

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