Why is Gene Keys the Most Important Book You Don’t Know About?

It’s hard to describe the Gene Keys book and Richard Rudd’s teachings because its scope is so vast and it’s so unique.  It’s part spiritual oracle, part historical anthropology, human psychology and partly a quantum-science manual that offers a glimpse of what possibilities lie within our genes. If it sounds funky, intriguing and if you can suspend your initial disbelief that these can all go together and make sense — and take a leap into the quantum realm along with Rudd —  then it may just hook you like it hooked me. It can take years, a lifetime (or several) to digest what is offered… it truly is an incredible achievement, this book.

It is so rich in its depth of wisdom, that I can’t imagine anyone who gives it some time doesn’t come away amazed at the depth of understanding that it’s author has for the human race and what we are capable of achieving. 

On a practical level, it’s like a spiritual manual for people who want to better understand themselves, humanity and the nature of the divine and how all three are in a type of divine play. As we witness how this “play” unfolds within our lives and from the perspective of the structure of the Gene Keys that Rudd describes, we start to see how our own stories, unique gifts and challenges play out in our lives and in humanity. It offers a piercing glimpse of what is the shadow side of humanity and offers incredible vision around the divine side of humanity offers to us and future generations.

I find its tri-level structure for each Gene Key — Shadow, Gift, Siddhi (or divine-like state) — very helpful as a guide of how to progress through each Gene Key’s teaching. It’s like Dante’s Divine Comedy that plays out in three books — Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso — with each one higher up on a soul’s journey towards God. Rudd book takes the same tri-level structure on how life plays out on three levels, or “frequencies”, during life: the Shadow, the Gift, and the Siddhi state, on which we are all capable of resonating. While most of us operate at the lower frequencies most of the time, we have all had experiences of joy, gratitude and love that have lifted us out of our suffering. By resonating at these higher levels on a regular basis, Rudd essentially outlines a process whereby we don’t have to wait for death to encounter heaven, we can (as other human masters and gurus and saints before us have) achieve an enlightened state while in this body. And by doing this, by raising our frequency, we over time change our genetic makeup, our DNA and it “unlocks” abilities that we didn’t know existed before. These abilities are embodied, literally released in our bodies, and our lives become more synchronous. We are “in flow” with life more and more as we essentially unlock the light energy within our DNA. With the mind of a scientist, he outlines the steps of how this becomes possible. 

The process simply begins with you going to the Gene Keys website and putting in the day and time of your birth. And then you will find your Gene Key profile which is meant to guide you on your quest of self-discovery, which starts with the “Golden Path” of your 4 core Gene Keys. If you choose to take the path of more structure, you’ll find that one’s 4 “core” Gene Keys provide the basic structure to figure out for ourselves how our mythic personal story plays out in our minds and hearts and what our “Life’s Work” and our greatest challenge is in our “Evolution”. But if your interest is taking a less structured approach, you can just flip the book open to any gene key and be absorbed by the contemplative transmission that the book offers. It is truly wondrous either way. 

Most importantly to me, the book doesn’t overly emphasize the shadow side, or our challenges and sufferings, but offers a beautiful deep glimpse into what’s possible if we are brave enough to look deeply into our shadows, accept and surrender to them, and then come out on the other side. This is only done, Rudd guides, through the art of contemplation. And this process takes years of honest looking at ourselves, close up in a mirror, to see the repeating patterns in our own lives. By noticing them and contemplating them, he describes a process whereby we figure out how to transmute them into gifts; through the shadow frequency (low), to the gift frequency (higher), and finally at the pinnacle of the siddhi frequency (highest). 

Most of us are operating primarily in the shadow frequency and I would argue in the unconscious frequency, but as we start to dive into these Gene Keys, we start to resonate at the higher frequencies of the Gift and at least sense the frequency of the Siddhi as they are described by Rudd. He calls this a “transmission” whereby we absorb the teachings not with our intellectual minds, but with our subtle body and “child-like” beginner minds in the quantum realm where anything is possible. And if we are able to listen and absorb his transmissions with a beginner mind, then we start to get to the essence of these teachings, which are incredibly profound. And most important for me, optimistic about the future of mankind. 

We are so used to the doomsday religious doctrines, that I find Rudd’s descriptions of what human beings are capable of if we find deeper and deeper connection to divine source absolutely wondrous and achingly beautiful. He describes a process that only by going through the shadow can we find ourselves in the light. We are meant to fully feel our suffering, instead of running away from it. And only by feeling it completely will the opposite be revealed to us. For example in Gene Key 5 if we exhibit impatience in our life, only by acknowledging that we are impatient will we discover it’s opposite patience. He gracefully outlines what the divine has to offer each of us if we are willing to go deep and honestly into our own depths, pushing us to our limits of acceptance and surrender for what is…. 

Gene Keys Final Thoughts…

The Gene Keys are essentially a tool of self discovery that is a useful guide on your inner journey to understand the core wounds and gifts of both yourself and humanity. The tool changes according to the intention of the user, so only the humble seeker encounter the deeper delights.