Cancer Warning Signs that are Often Ignored

For those that are aware of cancers that run in their family, they may be hyper-vigilant about watching out for specific signs. Even these people are not aware of the more subtle signs of cancer when they are not expecting them. This is why it is so important to know as much as possible about what the body does and why, being able to pinpoint the symptoms at their onset, thus being able to respond appropriately.

Weight Loss

When there are no lifestyle, diet, or medication changes that have taken place but all of a sudden significant weight is being lost, this may be a sign of cancer. Many cancer patients have experienced this weight loss with no explanation at some point in their diagnosis.

Skin Changes

Keep an eye out for skin that has become reddened or yellowed, or if it has even just simply become darker. And these skin changes are not only associated with skin cancers. The outer body can present a change when the inner body is under stress.

Changes in Defecation

Constipation or diarrhea that is frequent along with a suddenly different stool size or pain while defecating could be signs of a cancer present in the lower digestive tract.


When cancer cells are present in the body, they will leech the energy supply. Tiredness and fatigue are the result of an immune system’s response when it is fighting cancer cells. Some forms of cancer also cause blood loss, which also produce a fatigue effect.


A symptom that is often misdiagnosed, considering that almost every person experiences indigestion at some point. It is associated with cancers in the upper digestive tract and will also be marked by difficulty in swallowing along with stomach pain that does not go away.

Changes in Urination

More frequent trips to the bathroom along with any pain associated with urination could be linked to cancers in the prostate or bladder. If experiencing this, track the symptoms to see if they are ongoing.


A chronic cough or throat that is scratchy may be warning signs of the development of respiratory tract cancer, including throat or lung cancer. When the cough does not go away, consult a doctor.


Unexpected bleeding occurs with a few different types of cancers, and the source will depend on the type of cancer. This could be anything like coughing up blood to blood in urine and stool, and bloody discharge from the skin.

Lymph Node Abnormalities

There are lymph nodes located all over the body, and an infection can make them feel swollen. The cause for concern would come when the lymph nodes are swollen, uncomfortable, or tender for more than a week. When this occurs, a doctor should be consulted.

When there are symptoms present that may lead you to believe they are signs of cancer, it is vital to seek the attention of a medical professional immediately. The sooner that these symptoms are checked and the cause is identified, the better the chance that there will be a good recovery.

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