Using Cannabis Oil To Cure Cancer (The Rick Simpson's Story)

Using Cannabis Oil To Cure Cancer (The Rick Simpson Story)

A Nova Scotia, Canada man by the name of Rick Simpson has pioneered the use of cannabis oil for treating numerous diseases, including cancer.

He was suffering from hearing a lawnmower in his head as a result of a head injury when he grew tired of the medicine he had been prescribed and started smoking weed.

He was cured of the annoying noise almost immediately and also of the side effects caused by his medicines to boot.

His doctor did not want him to smoke, however, so Rick took it upon himself to learn how to extract the THC from the marijuana in a way that it could still be used for medical purposes.

THC Extraction    

Rick discovered that by boiling about a pound of marijuana in his own personal concoction of naphtha solution he could get a small vile of cannabis oil.

This could be taken as drops or applied directly to the skin. In fact, Rick applied it to several patches of skin cancer he had and it vanished soon after.

Rick Tries to Share    

Rick wanted the world to know about cannabis oil and how much it had helped him.

While his friends and family were overwhelmingly supportive and eager to partake in his findings, he had a lot of trouble with the law.

This is because large pharmaceutical companies are key in establishing and dictating those laws. Making cannabis oil legal and widely available would greatly hurt the monopoly they have going on.

Rick was blocked at just about every angle he tried to take. He ultimately decided that they do not want a cure for the disease. They just want to be able to charge for the treatments.

Where to Obtain Cannabis Oil?

Rick kind of abandoned his quest to legalize cannabis oil and started traveling the world. Meanwhile back in North America, various states and provinces have legalized marijuana and thus CBN oil.

This is great news if you are wanting to legally buy some to try. If you live somewhere where it is still illegal, you can always make your own. Remember, if you get caught you are on your own.

Most likely, in the near future marijuana will be legal to buy and use to some extent almost everywhere.

While there are certainly negative effects associated with this, there may also be many positive effects. One such is the wider availability of cannabis oil.

Curing Skin Cancer

If Rick was correct and it really can cure cancer, this is a very good thing. He claims to have just rubbed a few drops of the mystical oil onto his skin cancer and cured himself.

This was painless and nearly free. Imagine if instead of biopsies, surgeries, chemo and radiation, one could simply apply oil or a paste onto themselves. Of course, that is skin cancer.

Other, internal cancers such as bowel, stomach, lung or brain would be much harder to get to. That is not saying they would be impossible to get to, however.

The oils can be ingested or possibly even injected. Much more studying and experimenting need to be done but it is a worthwhile endeavor.

Suppressing the Truth

Working against the progress of cannabis oil are the big pharmaceutical companies. After all, if this oil can cure cancer, then they will lose most of their chemo and radiation patients.

In addition to losing the money they can charge for chemo and radiation, they will also then lose all the money from the prescription drugs they sell to aid with the negative side effects caused by the chemo and radiation.

It is a vicious and endless cycle that must be stopped.

Other Ailments Treatable with Cannabis Oil

Although this article focused mainly on cancer, many other diseases and ailments also serve to benefit from cannabis oil use. Some examples are Alzheimer’s Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, PTSD and even MS.

This is serious and fantastic news because these are all crippling diseases. There is currently absolutely no cure for Alzheimer’s. Although there are some terribly harsh medications that can help with MS, there is no cure.

When you add cancer to this list, you have probably the worst of the worst diseases. If a simple oil extracted from a simple plant has the potential to help in any way, shape or form, we owe it to ourselves to look into this, an look into it extensively.

Unless you are a pharmaceutical company or a hospital, there is literally no reason not to.

Even if you are a doctor that makes a great living prescribing pharmaceuticals to your patients, odds are that if you yourself were diagnosed with one of these diseases, you would be first in line to try the newer, easier, faster, cheaper, more effective way to cure yourself.

Good luck to you whichever route you choose to take.

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