What Can Grass-fed Beef Organs Do To You?

  • organs and glands have been eaten for years and they’re wonderful for your health and it’s definitely something that we’re missing in our modern-day diet.
  • taking whole food supplements or eating the whole food itself is much better because all of the support nutrients are still intact and that’s going to help it to absorb a lot more effectively.
  • Fatty acids in their good ratios, a full spectrum of vitamins, and minerals are all loaded in grass-fed livers.

We’re gonna be talking about one of the most potent superfoods on the planet. Can you guess what it is? Okay, so we’ve all seen the rise in superfoods these past few years. They’ve become very popular. But before I share with you what I believe is the number one superfood, let me just sort of define what qualifies something to carry that superfood title.

A super food is basically a food that is extremely nutrient-dense in certain vitamins and minerals. So for instance, you have something like Camu-camu powder. The Camu-camu gained a lot of popularity recently and it’s known as one of the highest sources of vitamin C on the planet. Camu-camu is also a good complement to my smoothies every now and then just to get an extra dose of vitamin C, personally.

Another would be Goji Berry powder, which is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. I love that stuff too. You then also have things like turmeric, a great source of vitamin B6 and is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. All of these have great health benefits, but none of them are really number one.

In my opinion, the number one superfood on the planet is grass-fed beef liver. Fatty acids in their good ratios, a full spectrum of vitamins, and minerals are all loaded in grass-fed livers. And in fact, the reason why grass-fed liver is so effective at restoring someone’s health is that it contains the most absorbable form of those nutrients. One is that it’s a great source of iron, specifically heme-iron.

Rise Above Deficiencies

Now I’m sure you’ve heard that you can get your iron from things like leafy greens, but the fact of the matter is leafy greens do not contain the active form of iron and iron is essential in building up healthy blood; something especially important for us women because having period also means losing amounts of blood. So it’s crucial to your health to ensure that your iron level is always at a healthy state; you would actually be surprised by how much women are deficient in iron compared to men.

So some symptoms that you can look out for to see if you have low iron levels include overall fatigue and weakness, pale skin, brittle nails, difficulty concentrating and focusing and even shortness of breath, especially after working out or climbing stairs. The grass-fed liver contains the most absorbable form of vitamin A, called retinol. Now this vitamin is essential for your vision, your skin health, your overall immune system, reducing inflammation, and even contains cancer-fighting properties, and the effects of all the signs of iron deficiency mentioned above.

And yes, many of us have been led to believe that beta carotene and vitamin A are one – but they’re not. Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A’s active form and it is estimated that only about 10-20% of beta carotene is converted into retinol. So you want to make sure that you’re consuming something that contains retinol, the active form of vitamin A and grass-fed liver, one of the highest sources of retinol on the planet.

The grass-fed liver is also a great source of the entire B vitamin complex, including vitamin B12. Studies have also shown that a lot of people are deficient in B12 nowadays – not just vegans. And the majority of these people are those that are eating the standard American diet. That’s one of the reasons why people struggle with such low energy levels nowadays because they’re deficient in B12. So it’s important to start incorporating foods that contain B12. It’s going to benefit your health greatly, especially in the area of energy.

Whole Foods and The Good Kind

Now, of course, you can go out and buy the isolated B12 supplements, but keep in mind that taking whole food supplements or eating the whole food itself is much better because all of the support nutrients are still intact and that’s going to help it to absorb a lot more effectively. The grass-fed liver also contains the fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin D, E, and K, which of course is essential for your skin, your bones, and just your overall immune system.

It also contains selenium, which is essential for your thyroid health. It contains zinc, potassium, copper, CoQ10, and it even contains small amounts of vitamin C. It also contains the essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and that’s just skimming the surface. We encourage everyone to do their own research on the health benefits of grass-fed liver because it’s hard to find any other superfood that can compare to the entire nutrient profile of grass-fed liver.

By now, you should notice the emphasis on ‘grass-fed liver’ that keeps appearing throughout this article, but that’s only because you would want to make sure that it’s coming from clean source animals that had been either grass-fed or pasture-raised, and not from conventionally farmed animals from factory farms because these animals have been injected with steroids and growth hormones and have been fed a diet of GMO grains which are all not healthy. It is a must to get it from a clean source that you can be confident in.

We also need to bring up a claim that we might sometimes hear about the liver not being safe for consumption because it’s where toxins store up – which is not true. Toxins are neutralized in the liver and not stored in the liver. In fact, the liver stores nutrients and the toxins that you ingest are either excreted from your body or they’re stored in your fat cells.

Supplements From Grass Fed Sources

And like I said, if you’re getting your liver from a high-quality source, then you have nothing to worry about. And you know, people have been consuming grass-fed liver for centuries. In fact, when they would kill an animal back in the day, they would actually eat the organs and glands first because instinctively they just knew that it was the most nutrient-dense part of the animal. The muscle meat, which is what we eat today was either used as a last resort or was totally thrown out.

If you’re also not a lover of the taste of liver, no worries because I’m not either – I can’t stand this. But what I’ve been doing together with my clients is taking a high-quality grass-fed beef liver supplement and it has made the biggest difference in my energy and stamina. I feel like I last longer when I do my workout, I’m more strong, It’s helped with maintaining my skin, hair, my mental clarity, and just my overall sense of wellbeing.

And I’m someone who doesn’t really take a daily multivitamin; I just take my beef liver and a few other supplements because it’s essentially like my multivitamin because it has such a great nutrient profile. A lot of users have also reported that their energy went up and they just feel better overall.

Now there are several different grass-fed beef liver supplements on the market. One that we suggest using is the ones from ancestral supplements. No, this article is not sponsored and is a plain recommendation of what is tested because the fact is, the product is really of high quality. It’s grass-fed and we love the fact that they have a wide array of options. They have different glandular and organs that you can take for different health reasons, no matter what they are; with the right research, pairing, and precaution.

For instance, I also take their beef organs that are a combination of beef, liver, pancreas, kidney, spleen, and heart. So it’s a great sort of daily maintenance type of supplements. Now if you are deficient in iron, I would go ahead and just get the grass-fed beef liver cause that’s going to get your iron levels up really fast. It’s going to improve your energy really fast as well.

Because of the collagen as a component, bone marrow is also deemed to be great for the skin. Another thing I also like to highlight is the beef pancreas. It’s great for digestion, so if you have digestive problems or autoimmune conditions, you would probably benefit from the pancreas. They also have beef heart, which is great for strengthening the heart. There’s also Beef brain, for neurological problems. It is so beneficial for your health where you take organs and glands that help that specific part of the body. Let’s take this one as an example; if you have brain or neurological problems, you can then try and take the beef brain.

If you have kidney problems, you can take the beef kidney and with pancreas problems, you can take the pancreas. Actually I encourage you guys to research Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, he had a very high success rate using glandular therapy with his patients and even some of his cancer patients. So definitely look into that. Anyway, it’s a very interesting topic, but yes, organs and glands have been eaten for years and they’re wonderful for your health and it’s definitely something that we’re missing in our modern-day diet. You receiving it from a reputable source of quality is something that needs to be ensured.

I just wanted to share with you all what I think is the number one superfood on the planet and sort of open your eyes to the whole idea of glandular therapy and how effective it is. Hopefully, it inspires you to go research more about it because I’m telling you, glandular therapy has helped so many people with underlying health issues that doctors couldn’t diagnose. In fact, I have pretty much all of my family members stuck on this supplement. Thanks mostly through taking different organs and glands, specifically the beef liver.

The Health Benefits and Uses of Ylang-ylang Essential Oil

  • Ylang-ylang is the flower of the Cananga Tree.
  • It is mostly found in the South East Asian Regions.
  • Ylang-ylang is used in aromatherapy, perfumes, and even as a part of some religious and traditional customs.

Cananga odorata, known as the Cananga tree, is a tropical tree that is native from India, through parts of Indochina, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, to Queensland, Australia. It is valued for the perfume extracted from its flowers, called ylang-ylang, which is an essential oil used in aromatherapy. The tree is also called the fragrant Cananga, Macassar-oil plant, or perfume tree. (Wikipedia)

10 Ylang-ylang Flower Facts

These are the 10 amazing facts to know about the different benefits and uses of the wonderful flower, Ylang-ylang.

Oil from the flowers

Ylang-yang is an oil extracted from the flowers of the Canungra tree. This grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines too.

For aromatherapy

This is well known in aroma therapy for its beautiful and unique aroma. It is commonly used in oil burners to create a sense of relaxation inside the household.


Ylang-ylang oil contains compounds which have been shown to relax the central nervous system of the body, promoting stress relief and lowering cortisol levels.


For many people who suffer with high blood pressure, inhale ylang ylang oil from either an oil burner or in steam therapy.

Flower Necklace

In the Philippines, the flowers of the plant is strung into necklaces along with the flowers of the Sampaguita. These are worn by women as part of a religious custom.

Skin Problems

Inhaling the aroma of ylang ylang is also used to normalize sebum secretion for those who suffer with skin problems. It is also added to wonderful relaxing massage oils to achieve the same effect.


The oil is also considered to be an aphrodisiac and has been used throughout history to help those suffering from sexual problems. It is also known as the oil of lovers.

After Marriage

The flowers are spread on the bed of newlywed couples in Indonesia as part of a tradition to celebrate a new marriage

Flower to Perfume

Ylang-ylang is widely used in perfumes for its amazing smell in some big brand names used by modern women.

Flower Flavor

It is also commonly used as a flavoring for ice cream in Madagascar.

Top 4 Best Mattresses for Leveling up Your Sleep

Quality sleep is one of the most important things we, as humans, can do to promote longer, healthier living.  It’s better than any supplement, better than any diet or exercise.  The problem…very few of us get a good night’s sleep…and we don’t pay attention to the quality of mattress (which is where it all starts).  The problem is, when you’re looking for the best mattress, there are hundreds of mattress options out there but only a handful that stand leaps and bounds above the rest.  Fortunately, we’ve found them and give them to you below:

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is owned by Simmons which is one one of the largest manufacturers of mattresses in the country. So it’s backed by a big name brand- not just some online company that’s dropshipping from China.  Aside from that, the mattress is just REALLY soft and comfortable…A LOT of people love this bed. It’s the most popular bed on Amazon and once you get it you’ll see why… it checks all the boxes that you’re looking for when you’re shopping for a budget to your product. It’s comfortable but not too soft (which is a common complaint of other “premium” brands). It’s nice enough. It’s from a big name brand. It’s accommodating for all different types of sleeping positions, stomach back side combination. It accomodates as many people as possible and comes with free shipping, a 100 night test window and free returns even if you buy it on Amazon and then a 10 year warranty.

If you had to pick 1 mattress to buy today for the next 10 years, this is probably it.

Lucid Hybrid

Now Tuft and needle is a foam mattress. But if you want a hybrid mattress that incorporates coils, the lucid gel memory foam hybrid is awesome. When we got the mattress, we didn’t really have high hopes for it and it turns out to be a really, really nice bed. It has pocketed coils for extra support and as memory foam and the comfort layers, but it doesn’t have that “sinking” feeling like a lot of other memory foam beds.  It’s a much more “stable” memory foam which is great.

The mattress ranks about a medium on the soft-to-firmness scale but the reason it made our list is how comfortable it is given that it has coils.  So it’s potentially a better option for heavier folks that want something more robust than a pure foam bed.

Nest Flip Hybrid

Now next up, another really durable mattress that’s also a coil bed is the Nest Flip Hybrid. Also from a really reputable brand and sold exclusively on Amazon.  What’s most amazing about this bed is the price point.  As of writing this is under $1000 which is absurd for a bed that’s (i) Made in America (ii) This High Quality and (iii) from a Name Brand.  It also has two different firmness levels so it’s very versatile out of the box.  You can flip the entire matress and get a firmer side for back and stomach sleepers.

If you’re more on a strict budget then it’s impossible to beat Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics

The whole Amazon basics brand is built around the idea of we offer decent products at extremely low prices and that’s what their mattresses, their mattresses available in three different height profiles. They have an eight inch, a 10 inch and a 12 inch. The eight inch is great for like car camping or camping or guest rooms or kids or teens.  The 10 inches is the middle option, so it’s, it’s a bed that you can actually sleep on very comfortably. This 12 inch is, if you want to keep it for a little bit longer, but let’s say you’re trying to save every single dollar you can to queen size then you can get an Eight inch bed that’s around 200 bucks. Granted it only comes with a one year warranty, but for some people out there that just need a comfortable mattress that’s good quality as cheaply as possible…this is unbeatable.  I actually know someone who has the 10-inch version and they love it (and are not a college student sharing a room with 4 other people).

So basically, that’s our list…If you want Amazon basics, you’re definitely gonna get it at a good price point. There are plenty of other beds that are available on Amazon, but depending on what you’re looking for, this represents the best 4 options.  You’ve got a soft foam bed that’s extremely popular and Thousands and thousands and thousands of five star reviews. You’ve got the hybrid option which is really great. You’ve got the flippable option that is newer but, I think, going to become very popular shortly.., and then you got an ultra budget pick. Let me know what you think. Uh, write this in the comments and you can check out everything in the description.

10 Best Night Creams for Every Skin Type (Updated 2020)

When you are laying in bed at night, fast asleep, your body is working hard behind the scenes repairing tissues. This includes your skin. With so many different types of lotions, creams, and skin care products in general, on the market, it can be hard to figure out which ones you should be using to get the most benefits for your specific skin type. A common question people have is, “What makes a night cream different from other facial moisturizers?” If you are using the same basic moisturizer for day and night, you’re missing out on taking advantage of supporting you skin’s nightly restorative cycle. Read on to discover the best night cream for your skin.

Best Night Cream Overall

CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream is a great option if you feel overwhelmed by too many choices. This cream is highly recommended by dermatologists and facialists thanks to its’ hydrating ingredients, which are ceramides and hyaloronic acid, and redness-reducing niacinamide. It will deliver relief to dry skin, but it works well for oily and combination skin, too, thanks to its’ non-greasy texture. You might think that a skincare product at the top of any list must cost a bundle, but the best part about this effective night cream is the affordable price. If you don’t know where to start when shopping for a night cream, give this product a try.

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Best Night Cream for Sensitive Skin

As if skincare wasn’t tricky enough, sensitive skin has an added layer of challenges. If you’ve had sensitivity issues in the past, trying out any new skin product can be a little scary. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaloronic Acid Gel-Cream is one night cream you can feel confident about trying. Dermatologists love this product so much, in fact, they recommend it to patients with all kinds of skin concerns, including dry skin, oily skin, and mature skin. The product has a soothing, cooling feeling when applied to the skin. Since it is a gel-cream, it absorbs quickly, and penetrates deeply into the skin, for ultimate hydration.

Best Night Cream for Acne-Prone Skin

Biologique Recherche Creme Dermopurifiante is an ideal night cream if you struggle with skin that is prone to breakouts. Acne can pose the difficult problem of too much oil production and dry, flaky skin. It is hard to find a cream that thoroughly moisturizes and keeps pores from becoming clogged. This product actually helps to regulate oil production, giving you a clear and balanced complexion after only two weeks of use. It is also anti-aging. This night cream is pricier than other options out there, but it might be worth the investment if you haven’t found a product that works.

If you’re shopping for skincare on a budget, a nice choice for acne-prone skin is Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Night Cream. This brand is well known for being gentle and non-comedogenic. It is a cost-friendly product that is nice to your pores, yet still hydrating.

Best Night Cream for Dry Skin

If dryness is your primary skin concern, a night cream with thicker ingredients is your best bet. While we sleep, our skin loses a lot of moisture. In order to get the most out of your precious beauty sleep, you want a product that will lock in as much moisture as possible. Try No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream, for dry to very dry skin. The formula packs a hydrating punch, because it contains shea butter, an ingredient known for locking moisture into skin, along with glycerin and ceramides, Wash your face and slather this on before bed to wake up with a beautiful glow.

Best Night Cream for Wrinkles

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream has a lot to offer, at a drugstore price. Green tea provides a calming effect, and other ingredients add to the antioxidant factor of this product. It contains a peptide-B3 complex which offers exfoliation and superior hydration. Studies have shown that a peptide-B3 complex promotes anti-aging properties within skin. It is a balanced pick to help keep normal skin in great condition.

For combination skin, Skinceuticals Renew Overnight Dry checks all the boxes. Alpha hydroxy acids, lactic acid, and glycolic acid lend to the cream’s exfoliating power. Aloe vera and essential oils help calm irritation, while boosting hydration. This product will help keep your oily areas clear and your dry areas moisturized, with less flakes.

Best Night Creams with Retinol

Retinol is a wonder ingredient in skin care, because it combats aging, as well as acne. It helps speed cell turnover to clear out pores, and also tightens pores to keep them that way. Some people can experience irritation from retinol, but may build tolerance overtime. If you are able to use this collagen-building superstar, a night cream containing retinol is an ideal choice. It is not recommended to use retinol products during the day, as it can make skin more sensitive to the sun, increasing the risk of sunburns and premature aging.

A tried and true retinol night cream with a long-standing reputation is RoC Retinol Correction Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. Along with retinol, it also contains glycolic acid, for smooth skin with a youthful appearance. This night cream is a steal at a drugstore price. The formulation is similar to Strivectin Advanced Retinol Intensive Hydration, which is a much more expensive option.

A splurge pick for anti-aging is Overnight Miracle Glow Night Cream. It has all the benefits of retinol, combined with hydrating hyaluronic acid and evening primrose. The added hydration plumps skin while you sleep, helping to further reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Best Organic Night Face Cream

Natural ingredients can still have a powerfully healing impact on your complexion. Feed your skin with Bee Friendly night cream. This product is an expensive option, however, it contains mineral and botanical ingredients you might not find in cheaper night creams. Hyaluronic acid and linseed extract hydrate and plump skin, while sandalwood nut oil soothes, leaving your skin looking firm and bright. If you want to nourish your skin the way you nourish your body, this is the one for you.


If you feel like your skin is ready for a boost, a night cream is an effective way to get it. It is important to find the right formula to address your individual skin concerns. All the options on the market today can be overwhelming, but the good news is that there is a night cream out there for everyone, and with a little research, you can achieve a better complexion while you sleep.

Stone Free: A Remarkable Supplement for Kidney Stones

A chronic, painful condition, kidney stones affect many people across the globe. While it’s a treatable condition, for some people it is a lifelong one.

Passing the stones can be extremely unpleasant and agonizing. It can also be a fairly embarrassing situation.

There is, however, a product made to help pass the stones without too much stress on the body. Through continued and regular use, it can alleviate the need for pain relievers.

The process of kidney stones can hurt even during the early stages where the stones begin forming.

Stone Free not only helps with relief during this phase but it can also help you avoid multiple trips to emergency rooms or having to schedule appointments specialists.

This kidney stone supplement can be purchased at most natural health stores or online. It is a combination of natural ingredients that form a supplement that is tailored to support and cleanse the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.

The product was created by well-renowned herbalist and acupuncturist Michael Tierra.

The Body’s Filtration System

Healthy kidneys act as your body’s natural filtration system. They filter waste products, together with various minerals, from your blood and even more liquid wastes through urine.

There are times, however, when your body needs help in order to counteract all of the stress put on it.

Marshmallow root and parsley root, both of which are in Stone Free , have been used historically as a means assist in the regulating fluid waste elimination and other general digestive tract functions.

Marshmallow root, in particular, is a great addition to your waste flushing system because it has a high percentage of mucilage (a heavy coating that is both viscous and smooth).

Mainly, these roots help ensure that there is no blockage within the urinary tract so that wastes can pass through smoothly.

Kidney stones, as they develop and grow larger in your body, can prevent this smooth flow and cause a buildup of toxins.

The larger the stone, the longer it takes to pass. It can take a long time before the body naturally breaks it down in order for the process to begin.

Other ingredients include turmeric root, dandelion root extract, lysimachia, lemon balm, licorice root, and ginger root.

Stone Free helps to quickly break down any oversized kidney stones in your body quickly and safely.

For those who appreciate natural options or just to wait it out, Stone Free can reduce the wait time. If you’re unsure of when to begin taking Stone Free, you can begin to use it at the onset of your bodily discomfort.

When you notice your urine getting cloudy or start developing back pain, you can begin your Stone Free intake.

It is also helpful if you take the supplement with a regular amount of organic cranberry juice in order to help digestion.

Using Stone Free

Incorporating the supplement into your daily routine is fairly easy. Your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder sometimes get overworked through the constant process of trying to flush toxins from your body.

As highlighted, some of the ingredients in Stone Free are dandelion root extract, licorice root, and turmeric. These have been proven to aid in supporting the health of your organs.

Stone Free has multiple functions. Working as a cleanser, it helps to detox your body by removing fat-soluble toxins, minerals, and other solid wastes. But it does more than that.

Normal bodily fluid release and bile production will be stimulated and supported by this natural kidney stone treatment.

While this is a great addition to your lifestyle, you should be mindful not to aggravate any underlying conditions. By avoiding an excessive amount of saturated fats, Stone Free will be able to work at its best to keep you healthy and regular.

When using the liquid form, you’ll want to take roughly 2 mL up to five times a day. If you opt for the tablet form, have 2 in the morning followed by 3 tablets in the evening, spacing each one between your meals.

With the right combination of health, diet and exercise for your body, adding this kidney stone supplement will help keep you free of kidney stones and help in removing this painful condition from your life.

Other Natural Supplements to Treat Kidney Stones

Apart from the supplements listed above, there are many things that you can do to help prevent kidney stones.

Staying hydrated, reducing salt intake, limiting alcohol intake, and limiting foods with high calcium oxalate are just some of the ways. However, it’s best to see a doctor if you suspect that a kidney stone is the cause of discomfort or pain.

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