Chicken Meat Contains Arsenic, Admits the FDA

It has been years now of this issue being pushed aside, hoping to be forgotten, but the FDA now admits that chicken meat that is sold in the United States does contain arsenic. Arsenic is a toxic chemical that causes cancer and is fatal in high doses. While the admittance of the presence of arsenic might not be surprising, what does come as a shock is that it is actually purposely added to the chicken feed.

Research done by the FDA reveals that the arsenic added into the chicken feed does end up in the meat, which is then consumed by humans. This has been happening over the last 60 years.

Up until the new study, both the FDA and those responsible in the poultry industry have denied the existence of arsenic in chicken meat from the food. For the last 60 years, the excuse has been that the arsenic is found from the excretion of chicken feces. This has no scientific backing and is just what the poultry industry has been sharing.

The evidence is indisputable that the maker of the feed for the chicken, Roxarsone, has made the decision to pull the product from the shelves. Many would wonder who the maker of the chicken feed with the arsenic is, and that would be Pfizer. This is the same company that makes the vaccines comprised of chemical adjuvants that are inserted into kids.

To be technical, the company that makes the Roxarsone feed is a subsidiary of the Pfizer name, known as Alpharma LLC. Alpharma has agreed to remove the toxic feed from store shelves in the United States; however, they have said that they will not necessarily take it from other countries unless it is forced upon them by regulators.

Even as the products are being pulled from shelves, the FDA continues to stand by the statement that the arsenic levels in the chicken are at such a menial level, it is still safe to consume. This stays their standpoint, even after expressing the fact that arsenic, is in fact, a carcinogen, meaning that it will increase the risk of cancer.

In agreement with the FDA is The National Chicken Council. In response to the word that the Roxarsone feed would be removed from feed stores, the Council stated that “Chicken is safe to eat” even after admitting that arsenic has been used in numerous flocks that are grown and sold as chicken meat in the U.S.

Interestingly enough, the FDA will tell consumers that it is perfectly safe to consume this arsenic that causes cancer, but it is very dangerous to drink elderberry juice. There was a recent raid of an elderberry juice company, accusing the manufacturer of selling unapproved drugs. The elderberry being the drugs.  Many other companies have been under fire for their herbal products, and especially raw milk. In essence, the Food and Drug Administration is saying that it is okay for us to consume arsenic, but absolutely unacceptable and dangerous to drink the juice of elderberry or consume raw milk.

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