13 Worst Foods to Eat If You Don’t Want To Feed Cancer Cells

100% of people will agree that cancer sucks. No one wants it and no one wants their loved ones to get it. Sometimes it is unavoidable due to genetics or environmental conditions that cannot be helped.

However, sometimes your chances of cancer can be increased or decreased depending on what you put into your body.

We all know that smoking can lead to lung cancer, but did you know that eating certain foods can also cause certain types of cancer?

Worst Foods to Eat if You Do Not Want to Get Sick

Read on to learn about the worst foods to eat if you do not want to feed cancer cells or get sick.

1. BBQ     

Most people love a good barbeque. Nothing says summer quite like throwing a few Italian sausages on the grill and opening a cold one with some friends while you wait for them to cook.

Grilled meats, especially red meats, taste awesome. But, when you grill meat, especially to the point of being well-done, carcinogens are released. This is what can cause cancer. [R][R]

A safer alternative to grilling red meat, although less tasty, is broiling or baking.

2. Microwave Popcorn     

While popcorn itself is not unhealthy, when it is made into microwave popcorn, it becomes one of the worst foods to eat because it now can cause cancer. [R]

This is due to the tremendous amount of chemicals that are added, both to line the bag (PFCs) and to the popcorn itself. [R]

Even though making microwave popcorn is fast and convenient, it is a much safer choice to use an air popper.

3. Canned Vegetables     

Vegetables are good for you, right? Believe it or not, the answer is no if they come from a can.

Most cans are lined with toxic materials like BPA that can cause cancer. In time, these chemicals will seep into the contents of the can, whether that is green beans or corn. [R]

Fresh or frozen organic vegetables are the way to go.

4. Farm-Raised Fish

Fish farms raise enormous amounts of fish to sell for consumption.

This is one of the worst foods to eat because while they are growing, they are treated with a myriad of antibiotics and pesticides, both of which cause cancer in humans. [R]

Fresh fish, when caught out of clean waters, are hands down a better option if at all possible.

5. Genetically Modified Foods     

At least 90% of soy and corn grown today is genetically modified. [R]

The long-term effects of human consumption of genetically modified foods is unknown, but evidence shows that it can cause several different types of cancers. [R]

Organic foods do not contain genetically modified things so are a better choice when they are available.

6. Refined Sugars     

In this day and age, it is just common knowledge that consuming large amounts of sugar is not good for you. But, there are more things to worry about than cavities and diabetes.

Refined sugar is sugar made from genetically modified sugar beets, and is therefore one of the worst foods to eat. It is a veritable double whammy of bad decisions. [R]

Instead of eating refined sugar, try using organic raw honey as a sweetener when possible. Or, better yet, get off your sugar addiction alltogether.

7. Foods Containing Nitrates     

Nitrates are found in salty foods such as pickles and hot dogs in an attempt to prolong shelf life.

When the hot dogs are cooked, the high temperatures activate the nitrites, which wreak havoc in your body, going as far as to possibly even cause cancer.

8. Soda     

Any dentist will tell you to lay off drinking soda, but did you know it can cause more than cavities?

That’s right, even soda can cause cancer. This is due to the high amount of high fructose corn syrup, often the main ingredient in sodas. [R]

It is terrible for your body and can lead to cancer. Try drinking water instead, or perhaps some tea.

9. Certain Oils    

Hydrogenated oil is vegetable oil that has gone through a rigorous and very unhealthy transformation.

Often what foods are deep fried in, it tastes great. However, it can cause cancer due to high levels of fatty acids. [R][R]

10. White Flour

White flour has absolutely no nutritional value. It has been bleached with chlorine gas, a chemical compound used to kill certain things. [R]

It is just plain terrible for you. If that isn’t bad enough, it can also cause cancer.

11. Corn-Fed Beef     

You just read that grilled meat is bad. You also just read that genetically modified food is bad. Now imagine a cow raised on genetically modified corn. See where this is going?

12. Milk     

It is increasingly common these days to shoot dairy cows full of antibiotics and other things that make them produce more milk. [R]

Whatever is shot into them goes right into their milk. If you then drink that milk, it then goes right into you.

13. Non-Organic Apples     

Apples are perhaps the most common fruit to eat in this part of the world. As a result, they are just doused in pesticides.

Not only can touching them cause you cancer but eating them is even worse. At the very least, try to choose an organic apple if possible.

Always wash the apples and your hands when enjoying.

In conclusion, with this list of the worst foods to eat, it may seem like nothing is safe to eat anymore. While that may be true, there are better options at least.

Organic food is supposed to contain no genetically modified ingredients. Try to eat less red meat.

Do not fire up your grill as much as you may like. Give up soda and as much sugar as you can. Good luck, none of this is easy.

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