High Sugar Consumption During Pregnancy Linked to Allergies in Kids

High Sugar Consumption During Pregnancy Linked to Allergies in Kids

Many people suffer from allergies, but did you know that allergies have been linked to high-sugar consumption during pregnancy?

There are allergies to foods, pollens, insects, and even certain materials. One of the most chronic and dangerous allergies is asthma, which has affected millions of adults and children.

While it is difficult to prove, there have been many studies that support the hypothesis that a high sugar intake during pregnancy does, in fact, mean that a child is more likely to have asthma.

Allergies, Asthma, and Gut Health

In a 2017 article in The European Respiratory Journal, it was found that 38.2% of children in a study were found to have some kind of allergy relating to asthma or other breathing issues like wheezing, Hay Fever, or eczema.

These allergies cause missed days of school or work and lots of money spent on health care or doctor’s visits. An allergy means that your immune system has to work much harder than someone who does not suffer from allergies.

This study found that in general, there has been an increase in “free sugars”— sugars that are naturally found in things like honey, syrups and fruit juices and sugars that are added.

Annabelle Bedard, one of the researchers, collected data based on questionnaires filled out by moms during pregnancy. When the children turned 7, the researchers then compared the estimated sugar intake with the allergies that have been diagnosed in some of the children.

The research is still ongoing with other groups of children, but based on the findings, it can be assumed that lowering sugar intake is good for the baby.

CNN also released a report that supports the hypothesis of sugar during pregnancy affecting a child’s health and references Bedard’s findings.

The number of children suffering from allergies that they are born with has risen and continues to rise. In the report, it states that it is expected that by 2025, 165 million more people will have asthma compared to the 235 million sufferers now.

Sheena Cruickshank, a professor at the University of Manchester in England, believes there are many different variables when considering what causes asthma and allergies in children, and believes more studies need to be completed for further information.

Sugar has been on the hot seat for a while and has been known to cause many illnesses and diseases such as diabetes, liver damage, and weight gain.

In another study, it was found that high sugar intake can affect your gut health and also be another cause of asthma. This study found that the mother’s intake of sugar can also affect a child’s health due to gut inflammation.

Cutting Back

Whether you are expecting a child or not, it is suggested that processed foods and added sugars in your diet should be reduced for your health.

There is also therapy for those having difficulty getting rid of the sugar, as it can become very addicting. Turbo Tapping has been a proven therapy to help people kick the habit of needing sweets.

It can help to reduce your sugar cravings if you exercise, drink coffee, or indulge in something that has a sour taste like cultured vegetables or adding lemon or lime juice in your water.

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