Stone Free: A Remarkable Supplement for Kidney Stones

A chronic, painful condition, kidney stones affect many people across the globe. While it’s a treatable condition, for some people it is a lifelong one.

Passing the stones can be extremely unpleasant and agonizing. It can also be a fairly embarrassing situation.

There is, however, a product made to help pass the stones without too much stress on the body. Through continued and regular use, it can alleviate the need for pain relievers.

The process of kidney stones can hurt even during the early stages where the stones begin forming.

Stone Free not only helps with relief during this phase but it can also help you avoid multiple trips to emergency rooms or having to schedule appointments specialists.

This kidney stone supplement can be purchased at most natural health stores or online. It is a combination of natural ingredients that form a supplement that is tailored to support and cleanse the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.

The product was created by well-renowned herbalist and acupuncturist Michael Tierra.

The Body’s Filtration System

Healthy kidneys act as your body’s natural filtration system. They filter waste products, together with various minerals, from your blood and even more liquid wastes through urine.

There are times, however, when your body needs help in order to counteract all of the stress put on it.

Marshmallow root and parsley root, both of which are in Stone Free , have been used historically as a means assist in the regulating fluid waste elimination and other general digestive tract functions.

Marshmallow root, in particular, is a great addition to your waste flushing system because it has a high percentage of mucilage (a heavy coating that is both viscous and smooth).

Mainly, these roots help ensure that there is no blockage within the urinary tract so that wastes can pass through smoothly.

Kidney stones, as they develop and grow larger in your body, can prevent this smooth flow and cause a buildup of toxins.

The larger the stone, the longer it takes to pass. It can take a long time before the body naturally breaks it down in order for the process to begin.

Other ingredients include turmeric root, dandelion root extract, lysimachia, lemon balm, licorice root, and ginger root.

Stone Free helps to quickly break down any oversized kidney stones in your body quickly and safely.

For those who appreciate natural options or just to wait it out, Stone Free can reduce the wait time. If you’re unsure of when to begin taking Stone Free, you can begin to use it at the onset of your bodily discomfort.

When you notice your urine getting cloudy or start developing back pain, you can begin your Stone Free intake.

It is also helpful if you take the supplement with a regular amount of organic cranberry juice in order to help digestion.

Using Stone Free

Incorporating the supplement into your daily routine is fairly easy. Your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder sometimes get overworked through the constant process of trying to flush toxins from your body.

As highlighted, some of the ingredients in Stone Free are dandelion root extract, licorice root, and turmeric. These have been proven to aid in supporting the health of your organs.

Stone Free has multiple functions. Working as a cleanser, it helps to detox your body by removing fat-soluble toxins, minerals, and other solid wastes. But it does more than that.

Normal bodily fluid release and bile production will be stimulated and supported by this natural kidney stone treatment.

While this is a great addition to your lifestyle, you should be mindful not to aggravate any underlying conditions. By avoiding an excessive amount of saturated fats, Stone Free will be able to work at its best to keep you healthy and regular.

When using the liquid form, you’ll want to take roughly 2 mL up to five times a day. If you opt for the tablet form, have 2 in the morning followed by 3 tablets in the evening, spacing each one between your meals.

With the right combination of health, diet and exercise for your body, adding this kidney stone supplement will help keep you free of kidney stones and help in removing this painful condition from your life.

Other Natural Supplements to Treat Kidney Stones

Apart from the supplements listed above, there are many things that you can do to help prevent kidney stones.

Staying hydrated, reducing salt intake, limiting alcohol intake, and limiting foods with high calcium oxalate are just some of the ways. However, it’s best to see a doctor if you suspect that a kidney stone is the cause of discomfort or pain.

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