Study Reveals Chemotherapy Could Spread Cancer and Trigger More Aggressive Tumors

Study Reveals Chemotherapy Could Spread Cancer and Trigger More Aggressive Tumors

Cancer — a word that we all dread. A word that we hope to never hear from doctors about ourselves or the family and friends we love. What happens when you do hear that word?

A million questions run through your mind, and there are decisions to make. The doctors give you choices, and you must choose what direction you will take for treatment.

Many cancer patients choose to go through with treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery.

One study reveals that chemotherapy can actually be more harmful to your body than helpful.

The Study

A report published in the Science Translational Medicine Journal shares information on a recent study done on breast cancer patients.

The patients in the study were found to have tumors grow back that were larger and more aggressive than the original ones they started the therapy for. The outcome of the study states that Chemotherapy is only a solution for the time being and that the side effects are worse than cancer itself.

The study done at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York by Dr. George Karagiannis found that Chemo causes more tumors that are spread throughout the body.

The treatment suppresses the immune system, which means that the rest of your body is unable to fight these new tumors that often times spread through your bloodstream.

The tumors also show up in new places and grow back stronger, so with a suppressed immune system, it is extremely difficult for the body to fight.

It means that you or your loved one will need more treatments, which ultimately means you or your insurance will have to spend more money.

What This Means for Cancer Patients

Dr. Karagiannis believes that tumors should be studied closely throughout chemo. This will help understand how the body is responding and whether or not those new doorways are opening up to allow the spreading of new tumors.

This way, if the body is not responding well, chemo could be stopped before it gets worse. Rumor has it that many doctors would refuse chemotherapy for themselves or their family members, so it is evident that they are aware of how dangerous the effects of the treatment can be. This is scary to think about.

It is estimated that almost 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the year 2017. Sadly, almost half of these cancer patients will die, even with chemo.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and are looking at your options, make sure you ask for research that proves the type of therapy you are taking on has a good survival rate.

It is important to look at all your options before you go ahead with one. Do not let anyone talk you into going through a treatment that you do not feel comfortable with – there are far better, less expensive natural treatments for cancer.

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