Top 10 Posture Correctors

Good posture is becoming a bigger issue as we continue to spend more time hunched over screens. Eventually, bad posture can have lifelong detrimental effects on our back, neck and spine. Good posture is important. It’s not just healthy but it also conveys confidence and likability to the outside world. Studies have shown that the simple act of straightening up your posture lead to increased happiness, sense of wellbeing, and confidence. Posture Correcting braces work by training and engaging your spine and surrounding muscle areas to actively align your body naturally. Looking for the best posture corrector depends on when you want to wear it (e.g. work or exercise) and for how long (all-day or just 30 min a day) and what type (posture corrector or posture “coach”)? Our guide outlines your best options.

10. TK Care Pro Ultimate Posture Corrector

The TK Care Pro Ultimate Brace is one of the more advanced (and substantial) posture correcting braces available. It’s aimed at those looking for serious results as they claim it can help correct spinal aligment in just 2 weeks.  That said, it’s not the easiest thing to wear under everyday clothes.  It’s excellent, however if you’ll be exercising or moving in any way and don’t mind wearing it over a t-shirt.  Despite it’s mass, it’s actually very comfortable….just also noticeable.  Some folks have complained that it can be difficult to put on but honestly a small price to pay for a posture brace of this quality.

9. NMT Lumbar Belt

The NMT is less of a posture corrector and more of a true lumbar belt, so if the pain you’re experiencing is focused in your lower back, this is a great option.  One of the more interesting features of this belt is that it uses magnets embedded within it to stimulate circulation and bloodflow and promote “cellular detox”.  They also claim this can help boost metabolism although we wouldn’t bet on that. Also includes a “Learn to Heal Through Magnet Therapy” ebook.

8. Anoopsyche Adjustable Posture Corrector

The Anoopsyche Adjustable posture corrector is one of the more popular versions on Amazon in large part because of it’s slim profile.  This makes it easier to wear under every-day clothes, to work, etc.   It’s also got detachable shoulder pads and is very easy to adjust.  One note -unlike many of our other top picks, this one recommends that you wash by hand.

7. Truweo PCBB

The Truweo Posture Correcting Brace is currently THE #1 Best seller in Amazon.  It’s light, durable and easy to wear under or over clothing.  It’s easy to put on and take off and can fit a wide range of body types.  If you’ve never bought a posture correcting brace before, this is a very safe bet.

6. Bigzzia Adjustable Spine Posture Corrector

The Bigzzia Adjustable Spine brace is designed to be worn under work clothes all day.  It has a very sleek, minimalist design and sits very high up on the upper back so as not to be overly intrusive.  It enables wide range of motion for the arms (unlike some others) and is very quick and easy to wash (which is nice if you’re wearing it all day).  It’s very durable with “X-box” stitching and robust Velcro straps.  If you’re looking for something to wear all day without feeling overly burdened, this is your option.

5. Lumo Lift Posture Coach

The Lumo lift technically isn’t a posture correcting brace so much as a posture correcting-app.  Referred to as a “wearable posture coach”, the Lumo Lift just consists of a little tile that you wear on the front of your collar-bone.  It them sends bio-feedback to your smartphone alerting you when you’re slouching or hunching over.  It does this by using “angle displacement” which is measured by their patented biometric sensor.  When it detects a slouch, it will send a gentle vibration to remind you to sit straight.  One of the key selling points of this technology is that simply having the real-time feedback that you’re slouching is important for self-correcting…rather than relying on a posture correcting brace.

4. XNature Three-Bar Posture Corrector

The XNature Three-Bar is similar to the Bigzzia brace in design and profile (including “X-box” stitching).  This one however comes with three soft “memory bars” that run along the back to firmly promote good posture (they can be removed for washing).  An open shoulder strap allows for a full range of arm motion and the material is light and breathable.  For very large men, some have complained that it can be difficult to take off but a lot of truck drivers swear by this brace.

3. Berlin & Daughter Back Support Brace

The Berlin & Daughter Back Support Brace is a different design which allows for two ways of wearing depending on whether you close the waistband around your sternum or your belly.  Reviews have said it tends to run large but overall people find it extremely comfortable.  Probably not robust enough for larger men or heavy lifting but if you’re a woman looking for a comfortable posture support brace, this is a great option.

2. Marakym Clavicle Posture Corrector

The Marakym Clavicle is probably the most minimal design of the posture correctors on this list.  As a result, this is a good option for anyone that will be sweating a lot while wearing this.  This is a good travel option because it’s very small (and comes with a carrying case).  Depending on the user, some have complained that it can be a bit uncomfortable under the arm and like any posture correcting brace, it will take time to get used to.  For a extremely minimalist brace, this is your bet.

1. Upright Go 2

The Upright Go 2 is another device in the “Posture Correcting Coach” category but unlike the Lumo, this one sits in the middle of your upper back to detect slouching.  Similar to the Lumo, it will send gentle alerts if you’re slouching and is focused on developing the habit of self-correcting your posture.  This is a great option for those that love data and don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a brace.  Obviously it won’t offer support for heavy lifting or exercise but if teaching yourself to eradicate your posture naturally is the goal, this is an unbeatable option.

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