Types of Foods That Never Be Consumed When You Have Diabetes | Worst Foods for Diabetics

Types of foods that should never be consumed by people with diabetes:

Bad foods for diabetics that should be avoided to support a healthy life for people with diabetes.

In this video you will learn a number of dietary restrictions, a.k.a. foods that absolutely should not be consumed by people with diabetes or are diabetics.

This is bad food for diabetics number one: Trans Fat 

Basically trans-fat does not directly increase blood sugar levels, however this type of content will increase inflammation of insulin resistance and abdominal fat and reduced levels of hdl cholesterol and impaired arteriole function. This is why people with diabetes need to avoid these foods. The types of foods that usually contain trans fats include: margarine, peanut butter, spread cream, and frozen dinner. You have to start observing food sold in a number of markets. Check the composition if it contains trans fats which are very dangerous for your body.

Bad food for diabetics number two: Sweet Cereals

The next food that is taboo for people with diabetes are sweet cereals. Again the sweetness produced from artificial sweeteners require diabetics to avoid these things because they can cause a surge in your blood sugar level. Besides containing dangerous levels of sweetness, cereals are also high in carbohydrates, so it is strictly prohibited for people with diabetes. So instead of choosing a cereal for breakfast, you can rely on stew foods such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts that have been proven better for people with diabetes

Bad food for diabetics number three: Sweet Drinks

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, the best drink for you is mineral water; and be prepared to stay away from everything related to sugary drinks especially if the sweetness comes from artificial sweeteners, this is not recommended. Sweet drinks have high carbohydrate content, so that will make your body tired of anticipating spikes in blood sugar levels.

Bad food for diabetics number four: Fruit Flavored Yogurt

The original yogurt is recommended for people with diabetes, for yogurt that has added fruits or flavors is not advised. This is because flavored yogurts are mixed with artificial sweeteners, low fat milk, and other substances that are actually dangerous for people with diabetes. Sugar levels in fruit flavored yogurt can be even higher than ice cream. So enjoy the original taste of fresh and sour yogurt. You do not need to add artificial sugar because it will only make your health disturbed.

Bad food for diabetics number five: Mixed Coffee Drinks

Just like yogurt, coffee if consumed original without mixing any sweeteners will help you prevent diabetes. But it’s a different story if coffee has been mixed with artificial sugar, milk, or other flavors because it will only make your diabetes worse.

Bad food for diabetics number six: Dried Fruit

While fruit and vegetables are very good for diabetics, it does not mean they can consume all kinds of processed fruit. Good and fresh fruit but processed and dry fruit can actually be dangerous. This is because the dried fruit actually has lost its water content making the sugar content more concentrated. Among the examples of dried fruit that you should avoid is raisins. Before it is dried, grapes have fewer carbohydrates; but when it’s made into raisins the carbohydrate content increases up to three times more.  

Bad food for diabetics number seven: High Carbohydrates Foods

White bread, rice, and pasta are high carbohydrate foods that are commonly used as a staple food by healthy people. But for people with diabetes, you should really avoid it because they can increase blood sugar levels dramatically; especially for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Bad food for diabetics number eight: Snacks

Diabetics should say goodbye to pretzels, crackers, and other packaged foods because even though it tastes delicious and suitable to be a snack – it is actually very bad for diabetics. One reason, the flour content which is the main ingredient of snacks has only little nutrition but abundant carbohydrates. This will cause a spike in your blood sugar level. So if you continue to eat it, you might face complications.

Bad food for diabetics number nice: Alcohol

Alcohol must be avoided for diabetics, because it would interfere with your blood sugar levels. Instead of consuming alcohol, mineral water is the best drink for people with diabetes. 

Bad food for diabetics number ten: Fruit Juice

Once again we emphasize, people with diabetes are highly recommended to consume fresh fruits only. Examples are fruits that do not go through a process of further processing. In addition to dried fruit, fruit juices should also be avoided because it can ignite your blood sugar soaring dramatically. Based on research, fruit juice has ingredients such as soda and other sugary drinks so it is not recommended for people with diabetes. 

Bad food for diabetics number eleven: French Fries

Although included in the category of vegetables, potatoes have high carbohydrate levels so it must be avoided by people with diabetes. Especially if the potatoes are processed by frying with vegetable oil, then it will increase your blood sugar drastically. In general, fried foods are proven to produce high amounts of toxic compounds. These toxic compounds include AGE and aldehydes which can increase inflammation and increase the risk of diseases.

Bad food for diabetics number twelve: Honey

It seems that artificial sweeteners and sugar are the biggest enemies of people with diabetes – but apparently not only that. You should also limit yourself in consuming naturally processed sweeteners; such as honey, brown sugar, and maple syrup. Even though these sweeteners are not artificially processed, they still contain quite high levels of carbohydrate that you should avoid using; or at least limit the consumption to a minimum.

Bad food for diabetics number thirteen: Fatty Meat

Avoid consuming meat which still has fats attached because the degree is the same as pure milk, which has saturated fat content. This kind of content will increase cholesterol and the likeliness of increased inflammation throughout the body. If you have diabetes, eating fatty meat will increase your risk of heart diseases. 

In addition to the thirteen foods that are bad for diabetics above, there are many more taboos that should be completely avoided by people with diabetes. Foods in question include fried foods, full fat milk, baked beans, pastries, sauce and seasoning, frozen pizza, and processed meat. Even so that does not mean you cannot get delicious foods. Be creative because there are many ways you can do to be happy and enjoy life, not just because of food.

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