Vitamin C and Cancer

Cancer is a strong and painful disease that affects many people across genders, ages and countries.

Treatments cover a range of options and as science progresses, there are new medicines available.

Conventional treatments are often quite taxing on the patients, and also painful. The goal of cancer treatments is to promote the controlling of dangerous cancer cells.

Some treatments even seek to destroy the cells altogether to help stop cancer from spreading.

There is, however, another method being used to boost recovery time and that is using Vitamin C. Vitamin C might be a way to lessen the effect of cancerous cells.

Chemotherapy and Cancer

Weakened cancer cells are more prone to the effects of chemotherapy treatment and can reduce in number.

Chemotherapy treatment is the most commonly associated care when dealing with cancer. While it might seem to work for some, there are negative side effects.

For instance, chemotherapy works by attacking and killing dangerous cancer cells in the body. However, it is not a targeted treatment and sometimes the healthy cells in the body are also attacked and killed.

This is partly responsible for the physical weakness that cancer patients experience.

Vitamin C and Cancer

By increasing a patient’s Vitamin C intake, there is a higher chance of recovery. This is because Vitamin C can hinder the growth of tumorous cells.

Not only can it stunt cancer cells’ growth, but a high intake of Vitamin C can also trigger what is essentially a self-destruct mode in the cells.

This is a result of the chemical oxidation process of the cells getting overworked and causing the cells to burn themselves out.

Because Vitamin C is a naturally occurring compound, the body does not reject it. During the cell processing stage, Vitamin C reads as dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) which is how it is able to infiltrate the cell.

Once isolated, the DHA then converts into another form of Vitamin C known as ascorbic acid, which can continue the internal assault on cancer cells.

For many patients who need specialty cancer treatments, using Vitamin C is a great alternative option for traditional cancer treatment means.

Increasing one’s Vitamin C is also beneficial because it promotes natural treatment and can extend a patient’s life. There is one important thing to note, however, about Vitamin C used for cancer treatment.

It takes a large amount of the vitamin before your body gains the immune system boost. A large percentage of Vitamin C, no matter how useful, cannot be absorbed by the body.

Even further, it is better to have the Vitamin C delivered directly into the arm via intravenous administration than through oral ingestion.

While more research is needed to gain conclusive evidence on all the benefits of Vitamin C for cancer patients, this groundwork is both promising and useful.

The fight against the multiple types of cancer will require diverse methods of treatment and adding increased Vitamin C to the daily nutritional intake is a step toward longer, healthier lives for cancer patients.

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